Running Wild *Niall Horan FanFic*

Zoe and two of her friends, Maddy and Abbie travel to Paris together for a little holiday. Zoe doesn't believe in love or will this soon be changed? To find out, read the book and enjoy.xx


8. it's all going to be okay

●●Niall's POV●●

The puddings sat on the table, i wouldn't start to eat before Zoe got here, that would be rude. It was just telling me to eat it, my stomach complained as the food sat before my eyes. She's been gone for some time now..maybe she's trying to get away from me? Maybe she doesn't actually like me? I decided i would get up and look for her, i told the waitress i would be back in two minutes.

I hurried down to the toilets. I walked into the boys toilet and looked under every door, not anywhere in there. I went out and entered the ladies. I heard a toilet flush, I quickly hid in  a toilet and locked the door. I looked under the door to see a woman in sandals, still no Zoe. I sighed and walked back into the corridor. I but my back against the wall and fell to my knees, my hands rubbing my head, thinking,thinking. I heard a muffled voice coming from a door that said, 'no entry, cleaning equipment'. A wave of confusion came over me. Someone talking to them self in a cleaning cupboard, I put my ear up to the door.

"You're enjoying this aren't you haha, that's a good girl, don't wriggle, there we go," A dark voice mumbled. I stumbled back worried and scared of what I had heard. I gripped the hand and swung the door open and before my eyes i saw something i hoped i would never see. I saw a Zoe, she had a cloth over her eyes and mouth with a man holding her jeans and underwear in his hands. 

"Get out!"The man shouted. I ignored his shout and ran to Zoe and pulled her up her body was bare. I grabbed her clothes out his hands and pulled Zoe away. The next thing i knew, there was a fist flying at my face, I tried to dodge it just it hit me right it the jaw, i tried to ignore the pain and focus on getting Zoe safe but it was difficult. We ran into the ladies toilet and i showed her into a cubicle. I felt so sorry for her, anger ran through my veins i wanted to go out there and punch that man till he couldn't walk but i told myself not too.

"urm hey..can i please have my clothes" She whimpered. I was so deep in thought that i forgot she was waiting there in the cubicle. 

"Oh yeah sure here," I passed them to her under the door, I hoped she was okay i could see her legs shaking under the door. After about 5 minutes she came out from the toilet, I ran over to her and buried my face into her neck. Thats when I realized she was crying. I kissed her forehead and pushed her hair away from her face, kissed her forehead and said,

"It will all be okay, I am always here for you, okay?"

●●Zoe's POV●●

With his strong arms wrapped around me, I really did believe I was going to be alright. The tears wouldn't stop falling, the pictures still flashed through my head no matter how hard I tried to push them away. 

"I love you," I whispered into his chest whilst hugging him. He looked down into my eyes, 

"I love you too Zoe," I could see his  eyes were troubled. I didn't want to leave the bathroom ,because what happened if Wyatt was still there? Fear darted through my body. I collapsed on the floor crying. 'your such an idiot, you never do this, be strong, be strong' my mind was screaming at the rest of my body. I found the confidence to stand up, I was a little wobbly at first but Niall helped me to stay up. I took his hand and made my way to the door, I squeezed his hand gently as i opened the door. My head was racing, no Wyatt. Relief flooded my body.



After we had payed, Niall and I caught a taxi and we were on our way back to his hotel suite. We sat in the back and chatted, he showed me a picture of him and his family on Christmas day, his family were so cute together. I loved how he was close to his family. This guy seemed perfect, inside out, how could I find better? And in Paris too, the city of love?! 

The taxi rattled down the thin, meandering streets back to the grand hotel. When we arrived back in his hotel suite i fell on his bed, 

"Thank you for the night," I said fiddling with my hair,

"Anything for you princess," He lay down next to me.

"I'm sorry for ruining t--" He rolled over and kissed me on the lips. He pulled the covers over me into darkness, butterflies fluttered in my stomach

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