Running Wild *Niall Horan FanFic*

Zoe and two of her friends, Maddy and Abbie travel to Paris together for a little holiday. Zoe doesn't believe in love or will this soon be changed? To find out, read the book and enjoy.xx


4. ily

●●Zoe's POV●●

If i had got up a minute later, if I hadn't had a nightmare, if we never got lost i would of never came across Niall, it must be fate. He was just so perfect, we just sort of clicked. I miss him already, i don't know if i can see him again though because i never got his number and were going back to our original hotel tonight.. maybe i will go and ask at reception? My minds racing i need to think of a plan ... we can;'t stay here another night - it's too expensive! eek. But his smile..his laugh..


.his voice.. 


"Oh yeah sorry? I was day dreaming aha," I replied as i continued to make my coffee,

"Were going to go to the Eiffel Tower today? Okay?" Abbie insisted. I nodded without even listening to what she said. I was just trying to figure out a plan...maybe if i slipped a note under niall' s door? Yes, I will do that.


A few hours had past, the girls were slumped in front of the tv, all plans ditched

The blank piece of paper sat there, staring at Zoe, she couldn't get her thoughts onto paper.  She started with

"dear Niall, last nigh-..." She sighed under her breath then scribbled out what she wrote and started again,

"Niall, I miss you already :( tonight were are staying in a

hotel on the other side of town, the name of it is..Regina..

I really hope I can see you soon, Love Zoe x"   She smiled at herself, happy with the little note she had written. She picked it up, folded and went to find his room number.

"where do you think you're going?" Her heart sunk, she thought she could get out of this room without being notices but she didn't.

"I-I'm just going to drop this off?" She replied, intimidated. To be truthful Zoe was a little intimidated by Abbie, she was perfect. She was so pretty and had a really nice body- boys were all over her at parties where as Zoe would usually  sit on the side just talking to someone new. Zoe was jealous and Abbie knew, so she decided to be boss over her. As she left the room Abbie raised her eyebrow and continued to watch the news. 

"Please may I know the room number of Niall Horan?" Zoe requested. The reception desk was completely made of marble, it would have cost a fortune to make. 

"Here we do not give out room numbers that easily!" The posh woman replied with a thick french accent. Zoe fiddled with her fingers trying to think,

"May you call the room, I can always speak to him over the phone?"  It suddenly occurred to Zoe if she couldn't call him or get his number she wouldn't be able to contact him, she became frantic, her mind searching every way possible-

"Hmm, I will contact him and ask if he wants to speak to you," Her french accent made me giggle a little bit. Se looked up at Zoe suspiciously as the dialed the number into the phone, she dialed 127, maybe 'thats his room' Zoe thought.

"Hello? There is a young lady wanting to talk to you...oui..oui.." She handed her the phone, butterfly filled her stomach, her mind went blank and she could feel her heart pounding against her chest.

"h-h-hello?" She mumbled hoping it was going to be him.

"Hello there Zoe, i've been missing you," Relief filled zoe top to toe,

"Me, too, i have bad news, i'm not staying here tonight and a don't know what to do.." I felt like i had let myself down.

"Listen, meet me next to the no entry sign okay?" His accent made her smile,

"Sure, see you in three minutes," Zoe  smiled and hung up the phone.

"Thank you..I mean..mercii" Zoe said to the woman, smiled and walked back up the grand oak stairs. 

●●Zoe's POV●●

My hands were sweating, thoughts ran through my head 'does he still like me?' or 'is he going to say he wants to forget everything?' As i neared the sign i didn't see him, I frowned, maybe he's not coming? I heard footsteps comming from down the corridor, my heart was head started to spin as i saw him come into sight i just ran to him, and wrapped my arms around him.

"Niall..i have missed you" i whispered.

"I have missed you too," We stayed intertwined for some time, when we pulled a part he kissed my forehead.

"I'm leaving soon" I said unhappily,  handed him my little note i had composed earlier, "I was going to slip it under your doo-" His lips crashed against mine, i felt complete.

He looked deep into my eyes, "I will come and see you, I promise. I love you," 

"I love you too"

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