Running Wild *Niall Horan FanFic*

Zoe and two of her friends, Maddy and Abbie travel to Paris together for a little holiday. Zoe doesn't believe in love or will this soon be changed? To find out, read the book and enjoy.xx


9. Abbie

(lots of differet POV's,sorry)


●●Abbie's POV●●

"Urgh I can't believe i had to come on holiday with Zoe, I mean shes not even with us half the time..why did we even bother inviting her?!" I asked angrily pacing around the room.

"Well, it's not her fault she fell in love, is it Abbie?" Rage built inside of me, I clenched my jaw.

"So your supporting her now?! I though we were meant to be friends? Well maybe not." Rage rushing through my veins, my head was pounding, 

"I-I-I'm sorry Abbie, I-I didn't mean it like that" She stuttered, weak and scared. 

"Why don't we just leave? Lets go somewhere nicer without that little bitch? How about Las Vegas? That a good distance away." I shouted, then marched into my hotel suite slamming the door behind me. The room next door hit on the walls and told me to be quiet but no one could stop my anger.


●●Maddy's POV●●

I have no clue why Abbie just blew..But i didn't do any thing wrong? and neither did Zoe? I might just leave her in the room tonight, I will sleep on the sofa. Maybe shes on her period or something like that.. I hope shes okay. She really doesn't seem like she is..Maybe shes jealous? Outside the water is trickling off the roof and pigeons and pecking at the the street below. I lay on he sofa a pulled my jacket over me. My eyes fluttered shut and I slowly fell into a deep sleep.


●●Zoe 's POV●●

My eyes opened slowly, the sun was shining through the blinds in his room, I could smell something being cooked in a close by room so I sat up in bed. I got up and stumbled into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw makeup down my face and my hair everywhere- I looked like such an idiot. I looked down and I saw i was wearing one of Niall's shirts, It was like a dress on me, but it looked sort of cute, it read 'free hugs.' I twisted the tap on, cold water came gushing out. I put my hand under the water to check the temperature  it sent goosebumps along my skin and a shiver down my back. I cupped my hands, they filled with water and I splashed it on my face. Suddenly I felt someones arms wrap around my waist. I turned around to see Niall, smiling at me.

"I made you a pancake, its in the kitchen if you want it love," He smiled and kissed my wet forehead. I dried my face with a towel and then followed Niall into the kitchen, on the breakfast bar there was a heap of pancakes of a little china plate and around it sat boxes of fruit, a jar of nutella and sugar. My stomach growled loudly, embarrassed i looked down at my feet but Niall just chuckled,

"someones hungry today," he joked, he bulled some golden syrup out of the cupboard and joined me at the breakfast bar. We both started to pile pancakes and toppings onto our plates and eating till we were stuffed.

"You sure do know how to cook good pancakes" I giggled,

"Practice makes perfect,"He said, leaving over to grab my empty plate.





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