Running Wild *Niall Horan FanFic*

Zoe and two of her friends, Maddy and Abbie travel to Paris together for a little holiday. Zoe doesn't believe in love or will this soon be changed? To find out, read the book and enjoy.xx


3. 145

"Zoe!? Zoeee!? Where are you!?" Maddy shouted down the hotel corridor,  "Shh! You'll wake everyone up, she's probably gone to get some food, you know her. Just sit and relax okay?" Abbie snapped. Maddy reentered the room and sat on the end of her bed, she picked up her camera and flicked through the photos from the previous day, smiling.


●●Nialls POV●●

I sat on the roof, the sun beaming through the clouds, and on my lap lay the most beautiful girl in have ever met. I sat there, taking in all her features, she was beautiful. I didn't want to wake her up, but soon enough her eyes fluttered open.

"Morning beautiful," I smiled and played with her hair, she smiled it return. She sat up and stretched, 

"Whats the time?" She yawned,

"About urmm 10? Think we better get back to our rooms," I said as I helped her up. I lead her back to the small flight of steps and we stared to go down. They were cold beneath my feet and slightly slippery after that nights rain. I helped down, ensuring she wouldn't fall. I opened the door at the bottom, scanned the corridor for people-it was all clear. We hurried back indoors, I didn't want to leave her I wanted to stay by her side all day.

"Listen, I'm not staying here tonight,I'm staying somewhere else in town, but Niall I want to stay with you?" She said looking at the ground. I couldn't stand her looking so sad, so wrapped my arms around her, i buried my face into her neck. I wanted us to stay like that but she pulled away. She turned away and started walked my heart dropped when her hotel suite door closed behind her. Number 145. I must remember 145, 145,145.


"Zooee!!! Where were you!? I got worried sick!" Maddy said whilst applying her foundation. 

"Urm I kind of slept of the roof..."Zoe laughed, the two girls turned and looked at her,

"Roof!?" Zoe nodded and continued to giggle whilst she grabbed a coke from the mini fridge.

"I couldn't sleep last night so I went on a walk, bumped into this gorgeous boy, you know? Niall from one direction? And he took me to the roof, we talked and laughed together till the sun came up. I could see all the way across Paris,  it was beautiful. I could see the eiffel tower and everything, it was so perfect. Guys I think I might have fallen in love in Paris.." Zoe said, beaming with happiness

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