Dancing directions

I haven't seen my sister in a long time. It has been a year now and i am finally going to go and see her. I'm Niall Horan, yes yes i am from the band one direction and i'm famous, my sister though that's all i'm focused on right now. i can't wait to see her... her name is Chloe.


1. prologue

Hi I'm Niall Horan,

i have been famous for a few years now and everyday i miss my family more and more. I miss my mum and my sister so much. my dad left us when i was little my mum changed back to her last name and i stayed with my dads last name. then my mum re-married and had a daughter (my little sister Chloe) and they were known as the lukasiaks whilst i was still a horan. anyways, you may know my sister as Chloe lukasiak from dance moms? she's one of the best dancers i have ever seen and i cant wait to see her tomorrow.

i am planning to surprise her at her dance studio with the boys. i cant wait to see her and mom again, I AM SO EXCITED!

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