Dancing directions

I haven't seen my sister in a long time. It has been a year now and i am finally going to go and see her. I'm Niall Horan, yes yes i am from the band one direction and i'm famous, my sister though that's all i'm focused on right now. i can't wait to see her... her name is Chloe.


5. back home

Niall's p.o.v

we made our way to the car and were on our journey back to the house. The Boys were staying in a hotel as their wasn't enough room in the house for them all to stay, and Louis was closer to Elanor's house as she lived in Pittsburgh as well. Harry was staying with me though as he wanted to get to know my family better.

we were planning to stay for the rest of the weekend as well as Chloe had a competition on the weekend that i would not miss for the world. we were all just silent in the car until one way or another came on,

" you know nialler, this used to be a song from when i was a kid, and now people think that its one directions new hit single." mum laughed.

"were here'' Chloe squealed  as she swung the door open and ran into the house.

" welcome home nialler" mum sighed.

we walked up to our bedrooms and lay all our suitcases down then went downstairs to watch a movie.

" Chloe go and pack your Suitcases were leaving really early in the morning so we can get to starburst on time." mum screamed up the stairs.

" ok mum" Chloe sighed.

" how do you deal with that monster abby everyday" asked harry.

" it's not easy harry" my mum laughed

Chloe came down stairs crying and ran onto the couch. Harry wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close hushing her as she sobbed into his jumper. Harry has become really close with Chloe lately its strange.

" whats wrong Chloe?" mum questioned

" someone popped up at my window and took a picture'' she cried

" thats it" i said as i burst open the door. i saw the man with the campera try and run into the bush but i got him just in time and punched him right in the nose. this was the last he was going to smell tonight because i think i did some serious damage.

oh well nobody messes with my family. if they want to scare my sister they go through me first.

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