''In the land of god and monsters, She was living in the garden on evil. She was an angel madly in love''~


2. You're Really Not The One♡

4 years ago


   I walked in the halls with my best friend Noah. He was always there for me and we've been close for a while. We had 3 classes together and right now we had Mrs.Jackson. She didn't really like us, because Noah and I would always mess around but I didn't really care. Eventually through out the day I'd erase her memory.

"So... You're still with... That.. Dylan kid?" He asked. 
"Yeah, but he's not really my type. I'm thinking of breaking it off with him," I said nervously because I knew Dylan hated Noah and if Noah found out he would be disappointing.
"Adrienne, you can do so better," He said.
When he said that I knew he was right, yes I could do better, but who was better? No one really. But it made me mad. I felt like he was telling me I chose the wrong. Dylan wasn't perfect to me. I could see Noah as being perfect. He always was. Had the light-dark skin, brunette hair, and a big smile. 

We got to our desks and filled out our DGP. I always was the first person done since I used my magic but today I was willing to do it, my human self. It took me a while and the students were surprised. I hated being last so I used my normal spell.  

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