Forgive Me?

scarlett has been in love with the popular boy in high school "Austin Mahonne" but the problem is she is an outcast a nerd, a geek, no one likes her, and when she get a harsh and strong reject from her crush and swears to never forgive him and as years go by and he wants another chance, will she forgive him?.
find out while reading my new movella that i really love better than my first one hope you enjoy it and love it as i will do and please tell everyone IF you like it, cause as you can see my first one wasn't exactly a success so here we go!


1. prologue

If someone wants to be with you they will do everything they can to keep you. they won't make you feel like an option and make you have doubt, they will trust you with everything, love you at your worst and appreciate you at your best. Relationships don't have terms and conditions, it's based on two people actually wanting to be together.


2-The very last person you think about right before you fall asleep. that's who your heart belongs to  (imjust-a-girl. tumblr).


3-sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.


4-love isn't looks, laughs, fights, tears, hugging, or time spent together. love is no matter what life brings you, you'll still stand side by side holding hands  (imjust-a-girl . tumblr).


5-don't blame her for walking away when you Never did nything to make her want to stay.



there's always...

a little CURIOSITY behind every "just wondering"

a little EMOTION behind every "i dont care"

a little KNOWLEDGE behind every "i dont know"

a little PAIN behind every "it's ok"

a little LOVE behind every "i hate you"

a little I NEED YOU behind every "leave me alone"

a little of WORDS behind the "silence".


hope you guys would like my new movella the first one I'm putting it on hold cause its not working but you never know i might continue it later, but i think I'm gonna love this one.. just a feeling  Macy.A xxx

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