Forgive Me?

scarlett has been in love with the popular boy in high school "Austin Mahonne" but the problem is she is an outcast a nerd, a geek, no one likes her, and when she get a harsh and strong reject from her crush and swears to never forgive him and as years go by and he wants another chance, will she forgive him?.
find out while reading my new movella that i really love better than my first one hope you enjoy it and love it as i will do and please tell everyone IF you like it, cause as you can see my first one wasn't exactly a success so here we go!


4. chapter 3.

as I was getting out of the bathroom cause i finished everything except wear my dress, my phone started to explode from text rings.

i saw that the was 51 new text massages and i opened one of them saying can't wait to see you scarlet we miss you, so i immediately thought of the people at my school witch was true.

i saw a text from Zayn saying he missed me, i replied and locked my phone but noticed i was late, so i got up to y walk-in closet and got out a short black dress not to fancy but still classy, besides it matched my fire red lipstick.

i went downstairs clicking on my black heels and my blonde newly-curled hair flaying everywhere, and i guess my mom heard me cause she told dad who was reading his newspaper my entrance.

"good afternoon honey grab a chair I'm making steak" my mom said.

"no thank you mom I don't think steak on an empty stomach is good for me besides, i have to watch out for what i eat cause I'm living in body forever, and this body has a photo shoot next month for summer" I said kissing mom on the cheek and head as a respect gesture.

"I don't know what happened to you, you used to eat anything and be happy with it and now you eat green stuff" my dad said from afar.

"funny thing dad, you and mom used to do the same as i did when you both were on your modelling career" I said with a smiling face for him to know what I meant.

'well played sweetie, well played, you got that from me" my dad said smirking.

"well I got to go I'm late already and don't worry mom i'll grab something on my way" I said as i was walking my way to kiss dad's cheek and my mom's again.

"alright drive safely love you" mom said as i was heading to the door.

"I love you both too" i closed the door and began to walk between the blooming flowers and tall trees and the huge pool my way to the lemo, witch reminds me i have to transfer my car from paris i forgot.


                                                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


the car was stopping and there was flashes out the window of paparazzi, how did they found my old school?.

the driver got out and lightly pushed some of them away from the car door so I can get out, as soon as i got out i covered my face do to the hard flashes of light, i avoided them and headed to the door entrance.

okay here i go it's now or never, i entered the hallways and there were some teachers, i said hi to my old teachers who were excited to see me as well was i, we talked a bit about how was i doing and they were happy for me of what i accomplished, i don't only model i donate for charities and hold some also, i also have a website to help teenage girls like me or younger than 21 with they're problems and i made new friends of them too.

some other women teachers give me death glares as if i stole they're man, but i don't care cause my motto is "haters gonna hate, just move on and don't make them get to you".

i asked a teacher about where were the people and he told me in the basketball ground so i went there, i heard some talking inside before i opened the door so i opened it.

everybody's eyes were immediately glued on me completely as i walked in, some girls smacked they're men for looking downstairs, some guys were alone so they stared at me freely.

to be honest i felt kinda of good to get the attention but a bit insecure for some looks, and also to be honest my eyes were searching for "him" and i hated it.

as i stopped walking and people minded they're own business by that i mean whispering, some few guys came to me with a calender in they're hands and a pen.

"hey scarlett can i have your autograph on miss april?" a very cute guy said nervously to me handing me the pen and the calender.

"s-sure??" i was a bit confused i mean it did happen to me before but i didn't expect a past-popular guy from my old school who didn't even know i exist to ask me that, i autographed it and the other two's too

"wow it's been a long time miss april"i heard a voice coming from behind me, deep and husky for a 21 year old, i wanted to turn around but i was scared so i turned slowly.

i gulped and shivered a bit seeing a beautiful, tall, grown brunette in front of me, he was handsome more than ever his blue eyes were so sparkly like a kid in a candy store, he had a clear toned and tanned body, he was fit in everywhere, he had a smirk playing on his lips, but i couldn't stare at his lips like that, i saw the guy i tried to hate, I saw Austin Mahone.

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