Forgive Me?

scarlett has been in love with the popular boy in high school "Austin Mahonne" but the problem is she is an outcast a nerd, a geek, no one likes her, and when she get a harsh and strong reject from her crush and swears to never forgive him and as years go by and he wants another chance, will she forgive him?.
find out while reading my new movella that i really love better than my first one hope you enjoy it and love it as i will do and please tell everyone IF you like it, cause as you can see my first one wasn't exactly a success so here we go!


3. chapter 2.



"okay a bit to your right.. yeas now look sexy look hot you are Miss April give us some naughty lies" the photographer said to me as i opened up my whole body, when you keep doing it for two and a half years it gets easy and relaxing, and actually i feel pleased with myself,

you are probably thinking of what am i doing right now, well lets just cut to it, I'm a professional Victoria's Secret underwear Angel, yes i am a Model, well after the "incident" i decided to please myself and the hell with love and romance, actually now every guy wants to date me and i don't give a damn, i should actually thank them for giving me the truth and breaking me free.

after what happened in prom night, as you know ill never ever EVER forgive that little piece of...

oh my phone is ringing,

"sorry christiano I've got to take this" i wore my robe to cover up my half-naked body and gave air kisses on the cheeks,

"Amanda send my usual coffee to my room" i told my assistant the everyday routine, i hugged my girl-friends who are also models, and said hi and some of them reminded me of our Saturday night out, its so fun that i have Real friends who have the same thing as me so they won't use me, and they stood by me when i told them about my story and we laughed when they told me they're story, it feels good to have a shoulder to cry on, i entered my dressing room and sat on the chair that had my clothes on them and it had "Scarlett" written on it.

"hey mom what's up?" i answered the phone knowing its my mom.

"hey honey how's Paris?"

"nah! same old same old nothing changed since the last time" i had a smile on my face knowing i came here a dozen of times,

"well at least your doing well... so when are you coming back?"

"hummm probably next week since the fashion show is after tomorrow then the photo shoot after since I'm miss April.. why you ask?"

"well your high school called they are making a reunion next week..."

there was a lot of silence in the line, she knew what happened that night but instead of telling me "i told you so" she gave me wide arms to come in them and cry myself to sleep.

"mom.. i won't go!"

"i knew you would say that but people change you know? and i know you won't forgive him but at least forget it.. you know there's a saying "forgive and forget" but in your case forget and don't forgive although i think you should forgive him.. that day is probably eating him up from the inside.. i don't say forgive him i mean i would never forgive someone like that ever in my entire life but... be the good person Scarly.."

i took a deep breath and inhaled it out, i promised myself i would never forgive him, and that's what I'm planing to do, i will never forgive him, but i will forget it i just can't live in the past anymore, and the only way to let go of the past is making things right with that Pig.

"urghh fine... ill think about it okay?"

"yaay!! i knew it your a big Hearted girl Scarlett"

"i know.. and it gets me in trouble. alright i got to go back to work mom bye"

"goodbye hon, see you soon"

then i hanged up, i took off the silky dark red short rube to reveal my slim body, i was surprised of what i accomplished, after that night i hired a personal trainer and got thin and curvy, funny that was my first cover picture of me named on seventeen "hour glass and curvy!! get the Scarlett look and body!!",

I got my hair to grow until under my chest and Dyed it blonde, i got rid of my stupid little glasses and wore contact lings, i took a very good care of my skin that now I'm the face of creams and skin care,

although i feel a bit bad since people my age last year were looking for collages and jobs, i was going to spa's and taking care of myself, and now people are going to normal jobs as trainee's and i was on the stage half-naked with wings on my back being a model, i guess that's life for ya, i just thank god for making it all fair to me,

oh and also my parents who arranged all of this for me, i just feel so blessed,

you were probably wondering did i ever date?, well duh!, just last year i dated Harry Styles: he was in one of my fashion shows and had his eyes glued on me.

Cody Simpson: he may look like an angel but he is a naughty boy.

Taylor Lautner: such a nice guy, so kind and lovely.

Joe Jonas: it was very complicated.

Niall Horan: he was absolutely my favorite!, too bad he was ready for commitment and i wasn't.

Ed Sheeran: yeah we liked each other but there wasn't any sparks.

and the one I'm currently dating now is Zayn Malik,oh i just can go on and on and there will not be a word to describe his sweetness, he is like a bear i can cuddle up to at night, we exchanged " I love you's" about a month ago, he is just perfect, but its hard to date your Two ex's best friend, but we managed to make it work, since the other two are already in a relationship so we are living in paradise..

although we aren't together now, I'm in Paris and he's in Tokyo now for his world tour and they're new music video,

witch reminds me!!! i have to open Skype to talk to him.




here goes nothing... , i whispered to myself as i got out of the airport gate to reveal a bunch of pap's and bodyguards blocking them, it sure feels good to come back to my hometown New York,

i hopped in the lemo and guided the driver to my house.

i rang the bell of my house, its still the same big white mansion that i used to live in, my mom answered the door and jumped on me while dad stood there waiting for his turn,

"my baby Scarlett welcome home honey i missed you so much its been a long time!!"

"mom.. i visited you last month with Zayn for you to meet him remember? feel lucky people don't get anytime with me it's just that your my parents" i laughed and escaped mom's tight arms to jump in my dad's.

"welcome home sweetie we missed you" dad said so calmly as usual, now that's how a person should be,

i entered the same house that had the chocolate flavor smell as the driver handed me my bags home sweet home.

"i'll make your favorite mac and cheese while you unpack and get changed to your Christmas pj's as usual and get down to eat it" mom and dad laughed and i laughed remembering how i was like.

i claimed up the stairs as i watched every picture of me on stairs wall, from the day i was born until my first cover on the magazine, i smiled of how far i come, it took long but it was worth it.

i entered my clean room who had the same everything, the same beatles poster, the same wishes i wrote on the wall, the same.. eww teeth jar i kept? why didn't they threw it away?, the same lines i draw to know how high have i got to, even the same old monitor that is broken cause of the last time i weighed myself and felt depressed, i looked around at my torques room that i grew up in,

i  jumped on the bed on my back and smiled inhaling the memories, the bad and the good, but probably more of the bad.

i felt a kind of paper under me so i sat up and turned around to see..

"I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU AUSTIN MAHONE" in big letters with black pen.

the memories started to flash back again of that night, and i couldn't help but feeling tears storming down my cheeks stinging my eyes making them itch,

i turn the paper around the reveal that face, that face that i loved for my entire high school life, that face that kept ignoring me, that face that i kept waking up every morning rushing to it, and lastly, that face that hurt me so bad that even an ANIMAL shouldn't be treated that way.

how can i forgive him? i won't, let alone forgetting that night, how an i ever forget the night of prom every girl's dream night, but my dreadful nightmare, the only way to find out how to forget that night is by facing it,

witch means facing Austin Mahone tomorrow's after noon.

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