Forgive Me?

scarlett has been in love with the popular boy in high school "Austin Mahonne" but the problem is she is an outcast a nerd, a geek, no one likes her, and when she get a harsh and strong reject from her crush and swears to never forgive him and as years go by and he wants another chance, will she forgive him?.
find out while reading my new movella that i really love better than my first one hope you enjoy it and love it as i will do and please tell everyone IF you like it, cause as you can see my first one wasn't exactly a success so here we go!


2. chapter 1.


jeez these used to fit me!! urghh now no way Austin would ask me to the prom, i took a deep breath and buttoned the jeans and then inhaled feww!!, i wore a plain big-sized black shirt and got my medium brown hair to a bun, i looked at the mirror a bit disgusted since i two zits one on my cheek the other on my chin, I'm so ugly ,i took my small glasses and my bag and wore my plain sneakers, i took a toast with me and my bag of chips and kissed my beautiful mom on the cheek and left,

I've always envied my mom, she had a long silky brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, her clear skin with pink lips and blushing cheeks, don't mention even her pearly white teeth that shines a beautiful smile, no wonder she was a Vogue magazine model, her slim body says it all,

and its also no wonder my dad a fashion for men designer married her, my dad was the definition of a "clean cut" every women wanted a piece but dad only fell in love with my mom, and then they had me, people won't believe I'm they're daughter, i won't blame them I'm the upset of them, i don't know the meaning of fashion, mom tried but she couldn't break through me,

but people use me for that a lot, asking me about if I'm ever making a party at my large house or trying to be my friends to get some expensive gifts, but there's only one guy i got my eye on.. Austin Mahone.

he was the guy of my dreams, he never gave me attention or anything but one time when i was sitting on his seat in history class.. he spoke to me eeeep!!! he said "um hey you that's my seat so buzz off", it wasn't that nice but at least now he knows I exist, i know were meant to be i just know it, but the one who is keeping us apart is his girlfriend Britney Hamelton, urghh she's the most stuck up barbie i ever seen, she has straight blonde hair and so skinny and always wear skirts and tank tops really tight one as well.

she's always all over Austin making out, holding hands, hugging and everything, they did fight a lot before but she always give him the poppy eyes and he melts like a butter in her fingers, that's the only thing i hate about him.

i stopped my plain car, your probably wondering why i don't have a fancy car, well because of the people in school who will treat you like a king just to get a one ride, as always people are looking at me and laughing or calling me names, but when they get face to face with me they would call me pretty, or amazing, or things like that, i enter my class and go to the back seat where i belong,

as the bell rang and the teacher closed the door and started teaching, fifteen minutes have passed until the door of the class opened and revealed a handsome face that i fell in love with for the past 4 years, he entered and had a smirk on his face and his neck revealing a kiss mark or as you can say "a hickey" i was disappointed he was late because he was with Britney, the teacher gave him detention for showing up late, poor Austin.


after class.


so i wrote a letter that says "would you go to prom with me Austin?" and wrote some checks for yes or no, i push them in his locker cause i heard foot steps and hided in the corner to peek, its Austin oh my god he opened his locker and the letter fell on the ground he saw it and picked it up, he opened it and his eyes were scrolling down reading it, he then smiled and got out his pencil and checked something and started writing then he shoved it it the air-whole in his locker but the letter still appearing so i can take it, he the looked around him still smiling and then left.

as soon as i couldn't hear his foot steps i ran as hardly as i could and took the letter and opened it so fast, he checked on YES!!! but there's something that says "p.s. meet me at the prom dance floor in the middle and put your hair in pig tails and wear black lipstick so i can recognize you and i love girls who wear black lipstick".

oh my god i can't believe it I'm going to prom with the one i love and the most popular guy at school!!.

i went home singing and dancing with glee, i told my mom everything she was really happy for me but her face seemed a little concerned, my mom is my best friend actually she's my only friend, but mom and dad are worried about me not having friends but i don't care as long as i have my Austin i don't want any friends.


the day after.


tomorrow is prom and ill wear a dress that my mom bought for me her friend is a designer she made it for me, it looks so good i don't deserve it, it looks like what a model would wear witch of course not me, i arrive at school and park,

i go to the hallway to see Austin and Britney fighting over something and then she starts to fake-cry the he held her, as usual he is a melting butter, too bad for Britney cause he'll be going with me tomorrow night and she'll be all alone, he was probably telling her about it, the they held hands and left laughing.


the night of the prom.


"gosh it won't fit hold your breath even harder!!!" my mom screamed as she zipped up the zipper of my tight red dress,

"thanks mom" i looked at the mirror, it wasn't that bad i had my round stomach appear but at least i look okay, my mom teared a bit.

"mom what's wrong do i look that bad?" i asked mom concerned.

"no honey its just that.. this is it.. your moment the night of your prom" mom said with inhaling between every word, she's right this is it, I'm finally graduating high school, and i might be with Austin forever.

"you know scarlet honey.. i lost my virginity the night of my prom" mom whispered to me as my face turned so red i think a car stopped when it saw me.

"Mom!!! how could you say that? i will not lose my virginity tonight" unless its Austin.

"okay okay fine.. just let me fix your hair i think it will look amazing if i curled it" i moved away as soon as she said "fix".

"no mom Austin won't know me i have to make my hair to pig tails!!" mom looked confused.

"honey i don't trust this Austin guy he doesn't seem nice i mean pick tails? black lipstick? what kind of guys is he?".

"mom just trust me he really likes me he even broke up with his girlfriend for me yesterday" mom kept concerning but i patted her shoulders showing her its okay, she had a worried smile and went with it,

mom did my my make-up so gorgeously except my lips, i took a black lipstick and applied it on my lips it looked like Halloween but as long as it makes Austin happy I'm happy, i styled my hair like pig tails and wore my black high heels witch were also designed by one of my mom's friends.

i went downstairs and dad looked surprised holding a camera, "w-wow honey you look .. amazing" he was scared at first but when he said amazing it felt from the heart, he took a picture, the they both kissed me then i was headed to the door.


at the Prom.


this is it there's no backing out now, i took a deep breath and opened the basketball ground aka the prom,

people immediately stopped everything they were doing and looked at me disgusted, whispering, giggling and practically everything bad.

i didn't care though i only care of what Austin think, i went to the food and drinks table to grab me a drink until i drink it and find out there's Alcohol in it and immediately spit it back, what the hell?!!, people around me start laughing and start to whispering, i was gonna say something until the door opened and there he was, Austin with his perfect tux so clean and his hair looks so amazing and his hand... Britney?!!, what is going on?!, Britney looked at me then she death glared at me and then she burst out of laughter, Austin looked at what she was looking at witch is me he tried to hide his laugh as hard as he could, what is going on?!!,

then the mic turned on and there was the school's newspaper girl holding the mic and was about to announce something,

"hey guys its time for the prom king and prom queen announcing.." everybody looked at her including me,

"your prom king is... Austin Mahone!!" everybody cheered and clapped and the guys kept calling Austin by his last name like "woohoo way to go Mahone!!!" .

"alright settle down settle down everyone you forgot the other most important.. your prom queen is....  Britney Hamelton!!!!"

everybody cheered so hard my ears really hurt,

"now its time for your prom queen to say a word..." she clapped an sat on the chair behind her.

urgh i can't wait to hear the speech..

"well first of all i want to thank everyone who ever voted for me you are truly amazing you guys.. and i want to thank our teachers and everyone who made this awesome prob happen thank you so much.. and lastly i want to thank that stupid idiotic girl over there with the pig tails and the black lipstick" my eyes got widened i was shivering as she pointed her sharp fingers at me.

"... for thinking that she could steal my boyfriend away from me" she laughed.

"... i mean seriously did you really thing a girl like YOU would have a guy like THAT let alone stealing it from ME... i mean look at you so pathetic and Ugly and Fat who would ever in the world would like someone like you? i can't even believe you fell for that good one sweetie." she kissed Austin on the lips and he was smiling.

"ewww will you start crying right now?!! you shouldn't i mean its obvious that this would NEVER happen not in a million years Austin would fall in love with a girl like you... awww don't cry at least let us give you reason to cry.... c'mon guys just like we practiced...." ,

i was really crying the make up melted on my face, and when she said her last word people got out some old tomato's and some eggs an started to throw them at me, all of them, every single of them, they are all against me, i kept crying and i stole a peek at Austin he was walking away as Britney kept laughing and people still laughing with her while throwing stuff at me.

i ran, as hard as i could and the newspaper girl kept taking pictures of me and laughing, i rand out of the school and got to my car still crying to went to my home, i opened the door couldn't help but still cry so hard and having this thing hurting me in my through i couldn't breath, i saw my parents sleeping on the couch while a movie was on, ican never find someone like them.

i ran straight to my bedroom took off all of my clothes and sat on the bed crying so hard to my pillow and screaming to it, until i realized,

why? why would i cry for someone who never loved me back? who kept hurting me since day one? I'm hurting myself like this,

i grabbed the photo of him on my table and grabbed a black pen and wrote on the back of the photo in large letters;

"I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU AUSTIN MAHONE" and put it under my pillow, and teared a little before going to sleep.


i will promise myself this, no matter what no matter how many time passes by ill never ever ever! forgive you Austin Mahone, Never.

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