My Best Friend.

Annabelle's life doesn't start so good, her mom dies her dad beats her. Her best friend Harry Styles saves her. They run away and live on there own. They are fine Harry becomes famous but what happens when Harry decides to take Annabelle to The Secret? She finds it and her life starts falling apart again. Getting mysterious text. How can something so bad happen on such an amazing night? Annabelle doesn't understand, but she knows she is longer alone.


1. Prologue;


Right now Annabelle is 12years young.

Annabelle's POV

I came home and slowly opened my front door. I was trying to sneek to my room quickly but he caught me.
"Where do you think your going?" He slurred. Of course! He's drunk big surprise, just like always.
"Answer me!" He yelled... Too late, before I knew it I was on the ground.
He punched me. I winced in pain and tried to get up but failed.
"Da- Chandler, don't do this please..." I trailed off. Everything was silent. Then I was lifted and on the floor.
Punched again, thrown against the wall.
"Don't you talk back to me! Tell me where you are going!" He screamed.
I didn't answer instead I ran into my room and locked my door quickly. I could here him. He was  yelling.
"Open this damn door! Your such a whore! No wonder everybody hates you! Your just a price of nothing! Open this..." He trailed off.
"Go Away!" I screamed. But it was helpless. I couldn't take it. What he said was true.. I went to my bathroom and I grabbed my razor blade out of its hiding place on top of the mirror and brought it in contact with my skin yet again. I was trying to stop but this is to much. I was crying when I looked in the mirror, I wondered how long I had been crying. I did about six cuts and watched as the blood fell in little droplets. Then I did one going up and down on top of them then more blood fell then before. I felt relief wash over my body. I cleaned up then stepped back in my room. The yelling had stopped. Tonight I decided that I was leaving, leaving him forever. I packed everything I could carry then went out my window and ran. Chandler normally won't see me for days so for a while he won't know I'm gone. I had put up with that for six years of my life and I've had enough. He beats me and does terrible things. 
I finally arrived at Harry's flat. I knocked and he answered.
"It's time." I sighed. He knew exactly what I meant. He had his own place his parents gave him- he decided to leave his parents and live by himself.
"Ok.." He said softly. "Come on help me pack." 
"Ok" I whispered.
We walked inside and he noticed my cuts again. He knew about Chandler. We made this plan up when I was 8. That was after two years of abusing.
"Again? You know I hate it when you do that." He said to me, "I have to do something." 
"What?" I asked confused. He pulled out a little blue box. What is happening here?
"Annabelle Rose, I promise you that I will never be a reason for one of those scares." And with that he put the promise ring on my finger.
"Thank you, Harry and I know you don't like them but I couldn't help it. It felt like the thing to do. I couldn't take it. No more pain Harry. Because I'm leaving with my best friend, with no worries because he has all the money in the world for food." I said seriously. He knows that I could eat all of the food in Nandos in 5minutes. 
"Yeah, I know how you love food!" He snickered.
"Now come on you have to pack!" I remembered.
We got up to his room and I got in his closet and got the ones that I thought were cute. 
We hung around his place for a little and had the time of our lives, I would've said goodbye to my boyfriend but the problem is, is that I don't have one. Nobody cares about me like that, I had a relationship once, a real one and I was hurt. No one has ever really loved me. I'm bullied at school I'm not wanted by many.
"You ready?" Harry asked me.
"Yes...." I sighed. We walked out the door and he had the key and locked it. We just had light weight bags and we got our iPhones and that's pretty much it. Harry bought me it for a birthday present a while ago. I don't wear makeup because I have no one to impress. And it's just covering yourself to show a Barbie. Man I despise them.

*Couple hours later*

We just stopped, we don't know where we are, somewhere in the forest, it was peaceful. I turned on music. I got up and started dancing and Harry did the same.
"Made a wrong turn once or twice..." I sang.
"Your a really good singer Annabelle." He whispered.
"Yeah right! Your a good singer!" I whispered yelled at him.
"No I mean it. And I know thank you!" He said with a cheeky smile.
"Ok whatever..." I continued singing. After a while we got up and started walking again,
"My legs feel like JELLO!"  I screamed dramatically.

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