My Best Friend.

Annabelle's life doesn't start so good, her mom dies her dad beats her. Her best friend Harry Styles saves her. They run away and live on there own. They are fine Harry becomes famous but what happens when Harry decides to take Annabelle to The Secret? She finds it and her life starts falling apart again. Getting mysterious text. How can something so bad happen on such an amazing night? Annabelle doesn't understand, but she knows she is longer alone.


8. Chapter 5;


Annabelle's POV

I'm in a dark room. I'm tied to a chair. What the hell?
"Good your awake!" A British accent said. It sounded very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. 
"Where am I?" Slipped out of my mouth involuntarily.
"Someplace you won't be found." He laughed evilly. He slowly walked toward me but I still couldn't see him, it was that dark. I could make out a figure but nothing else. I saw his fist fly up and then I felt major pain in my cheek bone. 
"Owww!" I whined in pain. I tried to get out of the rope but it kept digging deeper info my wrist. Right then the door busted open.
"Wake up!" He screamed.
"What?" I said totally confused.
"Wake up" he screamed again. 
I woke up breathing heavily with sweat dripping down my forehead. That was the creepiest dream I have ever had.
"Annabelle are you okay?" Harry asked me.
"YeAh I'm fine. Why?" I asked.
"Well you kinda screamed in your sleep." He stated, I could tell he was worried.
"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.." I trailed off. He chuckled. What?
"Annabelle?" He asked.
"Yes?" I said.
"It's 2:00 in the afternoon nobody was asleep." He laughed.
"Shut up." I playfully punched him. I wanted him to leave so that I could wright this down.
"Hey can you go to Walmart and get me like a journal or something?" I asked. He would take the boys if he went to.
"Sure thing Annabelle." He said. 
"Thanks" I mumbled as he walked out the door. When he did I jumped up from my bed and headed to the bathroom. I started the water and felt it till it got warm. I jumped in and let the water sooth me. 
"I wish I could stay in here forever.." I mumbled to myself. After I did everything I got out and put some sweats on and dried my then put it in a messy bun. Then I realized that I should probably turn on my phone incase Harry needs me or something. I grabbed my phone off the floor and turned it on. When the apple came up and I started poking it. I slid the unlock thingy and I have 1 unread text message. I clicked the icon and read it aloud..
"Turning your phone off isn't helping anyone. Nice try though.-Anon" I'm terrified when I realize that I'm home alone. Then I got a call.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hi Annabelle-" I cut him off.
"What do you want from me?!? Just whatever it is get it over with!" I screamed in the phone.
"Not yet, for now I will just haunt your dreams and make you miserable.. And I know your secret. Watch yourself." He said calmly in the phone as if he's talked to me before.
"Wha-" I cut off when the line went dead. Now I was shaking, really bad. He knew? Oh god.. I'm a horrible person! I fell on the floor and broke down. After awhile, I went to the kitchen and grabbed my keys and a sweat shirt and went to my car. I just need to take a drive, get away from everything. So I did the only thing I could think of, I went to Justin. (Justin Bieber) we have always been good friends he can comfort me. I will just tell him a lie. I didn't want him to know the truth about this Anon guy. I got there and pulled up to the drive way and ran inside. Yes I had a key to his place and he had the key to mine. He was sitting on the couch. I ran to the couch and sat next to him.
"Annabelle what's wrong?" He asked. Great. It's because I look like I have been crying. What should I tell him? I know.
"One of my friends and I got into a really bad fight..." I trailed off. I didn't like lying. It wasn't me but if I tell the real reason Anon might hurt me.
"It's ok baby girl, come here." He said looking VERY worried. I think he knew I was lying but didn't say anything. I went over and we cuddled I felt my eye lids getting droopy and I soon fell asleep..

Justin's POV

I know Annabelle was lying but whatever it was it couldn't be that important, could it? Soon I felt her breathing going slow so I knew she was asleep. I picked her up bridal style into my room. Once I got up the stairs and down the hall I laid her on my bed and put blankets on her. She wasn't heavy at all. Like a feather actually. It was almost dinner so I went to the kitchen and started making her favorite stuff. Breakfast for dinner. She could eat A LOT so I make like to boxes of pancakes and a whole package of link sausage and bacon. I made eggs to and set out a glass of apple juice and a glass of orange juice- she likes apple juice I like orange juice. Soon I heard foot steps coming running down the stairs. There stood a girl in sweatpants, a hoodie and messy hair named Annabelle. It was 7:00 she fell asleep a couple hours ago. 
"Is it morning?" She asked referring to the food.
"No silly, it's 7:00 at night." I laughed at her adorableness. 
"Oh" was all she said. "Can I get my food first?" She begged.
"Yeah." I stated. I watched as she got 4pancakes 3pieces of bacon 2pieces sausage and 1egg then sat down next to her apple juice.
"This is amazing!" She shouted as she took a bite out of her pancakes.
"Thanks I try." I said as I sat down with my food.
"So how long was I asleep?" She asked.
"Umm about 2 or 3hours." I stated.
"I didn't sleep at all last night. Me and Harry were talking and stuff." She said, I felt a little jealousy rise in me but I ignored it. I mean who wouldn't? Annabelle was really pretty. I liked her to if anyone hurt her I would be her superman.

Annabelle's POV

I'm still really tired. But I tried to eat at normal speed, didn't work. I was done in like 5minuets.
"I'm done!" I said proud fully.
"Dang girl!" Is what he said as I put my plate in the sink. Soon after he put his plate in the sink. I turned on the faucet and he blew bubble on me.
"Hey!" I said.
"Yes?" He said and gave an innocent smile. I grabbed the hose and squirted him with it and ran. I heard footsteps following me and I ran outside and hid. I was waiting around the corner for him cause I had grabbed a water gun but before I could there was ice cold water covering me.
"Oh my god it's freezing!" I screamed and started squirting but he had the actual hose. 
"This is not fare!" I said as I was running. After we were done with our water fight we went inside.
"Hey can I borrow some clothes?" I asked.
"Sure. To the car!" He shouted.
"The car?" I asked.
"Yupp to the mall." He said.
"But I could just were some off yours." I said.
"No I wanna take you shopping ." He said.
"Ok if you insist." I stated and with that we ran to the car. We got there and I had already gotten my shoes wet so the made a squishy noise when I walked my hair was down and soaked it was like wavy. My sweats were full of water and falling off because they're heavy.
"Where to first?" He asked.
"Underwear!" I said in a know it all tone.
"Victoria Secret!" He said and acted happy.
"Hate to break it to yeah but I don't really wear that kind of stuff I wear boxers." I said.
"Too bad not today." He stuck his tongue out and dragged me in there. I let him pick the ones he wanted since I didn't know what kind. After he was done getting me underwear and a bra. We checked out. People have us weird looks, why?
"What next??" He asked.
"I don't know clothes or shoes?" I asked.
"Shoes." We both said at the same time and headed to Journeys. We got slippers and vans and walked out.
"Where do you wanna go to get clothes, you need the things. Sweats, pajamas and an outfit!" Justin cheerfully said.
"Justin this is a lot." I stated.
"I know but you deserve to be a girl right now." He said.
"We'll thanks.." I said sarcastically. 
"We are going to Forever 21 and then Hot Topic." He said.
"How do you know so much about shopping?" I asked.
"I don't know, I've had a lot of girlfriends?" He said more like a question.
"Ohhhhh." I said I a know it all tone. We bought A LOT of clothes for me then paid and went out. On the way home we had the radio on and you'll never believe what was on.. Boyfriend. Justin hit single. I sang the whole song loud and clear while he just laughed.
"Your a really good singer Annabelle, why aren't you famous? All of your friends are." Justin said.
"Oh yeah, that's while you were laughing at me." I jokingly said. We pulled I into the driveway, andi got out.
"Now go try all those on, beautiful." Justin said. Beautiful? Where did that come from?

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