My Best Friend.

Annabelle's life doesn't start so good, her mom dies her dad beats her. Her best friend Harry Styles saves her. They run away and live on there own. They are fine Harry becomes famous but what happens when Harry decides to take Annabelle to The Secret? She finds it and her life starts falling apart again. Getting mysterious text. How can something so bad happen on such an amazing night? Annabelle doesn't understand, but she knows she is longer alone.


3. Chapter 2;


*At Universal Studios*

The car ride was full of laughs and screams of Louis, it was fun. We walked up to the stand thingy and got our tickets and fast passes. Fast passes let us get in front of other people so basically we won't have to wait in line. 
"This is going to be so fun!" I shouted to no one really. 
"I know I can't wait! What should we do first?" Liam asked.
"Water rides." I stated.
"Ok let's go!" Zayn said.
 (I know he isn't in the story much but he will be soon enough. Sorry!) 
We just walked they're slowly and enjoyed ourselves. 
"They're it is!" I yelled.
"Yes! This is going to be awesome!" Zayn shouted. I hope he knows that he is going to get soaked, doubt he does. We all got in the giant raft and buckled our seat belts. It was just us in this raft no strangers.
"Of course me and Bells are in the back!" Liam said. I laughed at his nickname for me. Usually they call me Belle, where is Bells coming from?
"Awe! Is someone scared?" I said in a baby voice. Right then we dropped.
"Ahhhhhhh!" Liam shouted.
"Oh. I thought you weren't scared big boy!" I shouted. 
"I'm not!" Liam said crossing his arms over his chest. We were the only ones that got soaked.
"It's freezing!" I laughed.
"Waterfall!" Louis shouted and pointed behind me. 
"Yeah right!" I scoffed. Then the raft started spinning. Now Zayn and Harry were in the back.
"Oh god, your right!" I screamed/laughed. 
"Harry, you going to die!" I said dramatically.
"Ahhhhhh!" Zayn screamed as the cold water poured in us. "My hair!" 
"Oh Zayn it's ok." I stated but I'm lying all of the guys were trying to hold they're laughs in. Zayn looked like a mess well, his hair anyway.
"We're being squirted!" Niall yelled.
"Really now? I thought it was just raining!" Harry said in a know it all tone. Then out of nowhere it did start raining. 
"It is raining and we're being squirted!" I stuck my tongue out at them, "I win!" The ride ended and we got off. We were all soaked. 
"We should go on the biggest roller coaster next!" Me and Louis said at the same time. We do that way to much.
"Ok!" Liam said. He had the map and leaded us they're. We were now being seated. It's one where your feet hang down and you pull the bar down over you head. 
"Scared Styles?" I asked with a smirk.
"Maybe. But this will be awesome because its raining!" He acted like a little kid. He was sitting I the seat next to me and in front of us was Niall and Louis and in front of them was Zayn and Liam. The roller coaster started and we climbed to the top all of the boys screamed when we went down I just laughed. Once we got off the roller coaster we went to a food stand. I got fries, a burger, and a milkshake. We went out of the park after we ate.

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