My Best Friend.

Annabelle's life doesn't start so good, her mom dies her dad beats her. Her best friend Harry Styles saves her. They run away and live on there own. They are fine Harry becomes famous but what happens when Harry decides to take Annabelle to The Secret? She finds it and her life starts falling apart again. Getting mysterious text. How can something so bad happen on such an amazing night? Annabelle doesn't understand, but she knows she is longer alone.


2. Chapter 1;


(Annabelle is 17 and Harry is 18 and he is famous)

Annabelle's POV

Me and Harry are currently just having a movie day. When I say day I mean it. 24hours! We are watching Nemo. That's one of my favorite movies ever! Harry gets to pick next though. It's going to be a scary movie I know it is. He always does that because I'm terrified and he laughs! Can you believe that? Nemo just ended he's going to pick. 
"How does..." He said looking for a movie, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre sound?" He said with a smirk. 
"Oh god!" I yelled. He just laughed. 
"What is wrong with you?" I said in a teasingly tone. He sobbed pretending to be hurt. So I played along.
"Oh I'm sorry put the movie in and come here." I said pointing to the blankets and pillows. We have a movie room and we use it all the time. He came over and sat by me grabbing the candy and popcorn away from me.
"Hey!" I said. Now it's my turn. I pretended to cry into my hands, he bought it.
"Oh come here. I'm sorry here you can have it back." He said putting it in my lap. I quickly grabbed it and put it under a pillow and laughed evilly. He started to get up off the pillows to come and do something but he sat back down as the movie started. Thank god, he might of got it again. The movie got really scary. I almost peed. 
"No! He's hot!" I yelled and through popcorn at the screen. Maybe I can see why Harry laughs when I watch scary movies. Usually I would throw something bigger at the screen at it would go through it, we bought like 50 spares because I do that all the time. 
"Hey I have an interview with the boys today." Harry said in a rush. 
"Uhhhh!" I groaned, "I'm getting tired of these things always getting in the way if our movie days." I stated. I really am, I mean he always takes me with him and we do fun stuff afterwards to make up for it. I'm just glad that he is my best friend, everyone in the school dislikes me cause I won't talk to anyone. I know it might sound weird that I don't talk at all at school, but every time I go there I get this feeling in the out of my stomach like something bad is going to happen and trust me, it's not a good feeling. You start to wonder about yourself and others. 
"Hey!" Harry said with a smile snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Ready to go?" He asked.
"Yeah. Who is the interview with this time?" I asked suspiciously.
"Alan." He stated.
"Cooleo. Lets hit the road!" I yelled and put my hands in the air dramatically.
"Ok." He chuckled. When Harry started the car my Paramore CD was in and Fences was on and we both started singing to it and laughing. Then we turned on the radio. Guess what song was on? I Wanna by The All American Rejects. 
"I never thought that I was so blind I can finally see the truth for me and you 
Tonight you can't imagine that I'm on your side but its never gonna be the same so far for you 
Can to hear me say don't blow me away and there's no way out I gotta hold you some how.... 
I WANNA, I WANNA, I WANNA TOUCH YOU! DO YOU WANNA TOUCH ME TO?" We both sang the end as loud as we could and then burst into fits of laughter. 
"We're Here!" Harry announced.
"Yay! I get to see my food buddy!" I screamed. As if right on que Niall  came running out of the studio.
"NIALL!" And we ran and gave each other a bear hug. I then climbed on his shoulders.
"To the food place peasant!" I yelled.
"Hey that's my thing!" Louis said.
"No! It's mine I will never surrender!" And with that Niall ran to the food place.
"They have so much food!" I whispered to Niall.
"Oh I gotta go their already out there!" Niall said.
"Oh hey Niall decide to join us?" The interviewer I think was Alan said. He's gay and very funny. (This is based off of the real Alan) 
"Sorry me and my food buddy got distracted by all of the food." Niall chuckled. 
"And who would that be?" Alan said wiggling his eyebrows. He thinks its a guy. Well a well when Niall talks about his eating buddy they think I'm a guy because 'gurls can't eat that much' yeah right. I'm thin and I can eat whatever I want and not get fat. Gurls are stupid. Well not all of them but most of them are barbies. 
"Oh her-" he got cut off.
"Her? She can eat as much as you?" He asked shocked.
"She can eat more than me." Niall chuckled. Great now they all think I'm a fat pig.
"Well why doesn't she come out here?" Alan asked. I was snapped out of my thoughts by that question. Why would he want me to come out there? 
"Sure she would love to." Niall answered. His voice was kinda shaky though, he knew that I would much rather have nobody know who I am. Before I knew I was being pulled on stage. Awesome. Note my sarcasm. Alan gasped to see that I was thin. Harry looked at me and gave me one of his sorrowful looks as did Niall, I know that they can't just say no though.
"Hello?" Alan asked snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Umm sorry. What was the question?" I stuttered.
"Do you fancy any of the guys?" He said wiggling his eye brows.
"Nah, I've known the guys for awhile actually. Me and Harry have been best friends since before he was famous." I said. Better play it cool.
"Oh that's groovy! What do you and Harry usually do?" Alan said with a smirk. I bet me and Harry had the same expression on our face. Shocked. 
"No it's not like that we are best friends nothing more nothing less. Usually we do fun days or movie days. We were in the middle of a movie day today till Harry realized he had an interview." I said plainly. I probably look like an idiot. Oh well. Soon he stopped asking me questions and went to the guys there was one question that caught my attention though.
".... So do any of you fancy Annabelle...?" He trailed off. 
"Nah, I don't were pretty close but she's close to all of us right lads?" Liam answered. It's true. I could swear I saw Harry shake his head I little but I dropped it. He would never like me were best friends.
"Yeah but I'm her favorite!" Louis shouted. I chuckled. He's so adorable.
"No! I'm her favorite!" Harry shouted next. 
"Raaarrrr!" Louis said. And made a claw mark in the air. (It's supposed to be like a cat.) I laughed even more and so was Liam, Zayn and Niall. Soon the interview was over it was really boring.
"FOOD!" Niall yelled while picking me up and running into the food thing. 
"Yay!" I screamed in joy. (Not like sex ;) Once we were there we ate all of the food before anyone else could get some.
"Harry!" I yelled. Here he comes running in the room.
"Yes?" He asked
"What are we going to do?" I asked with an innocent look. I knew what he was going to say.
"You made me walk all the way in here just to ask what we were going to do? Ahhhh!" He groaned.
"Please tell me!" I pleaded.
"Fine. We are going to Universal Studios!" He smiled.
"Yayyyyy!!!!!!! That one is my favorite! When are we leaving? Can we leave now?? Please!" I said in a big jumble. I think he could understand me. 
"Okay, okay. Lets go! Oh and good job out there." He smiled at me.
"Yeah right! I was horrible. Anyway lets go! I can't wait!" I said. With that we ran into the other room to get the boys. Sometimes they come with us on our fun days but others its just me and my best friend and I couldn't ask for anything better. 

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