My Best Friend.

Annabelle's life doesn't start so good, her mom dies her dad beats her. Her best friend Harry Styles saves her. They run away and live on there own. They are fine Harry becomes famous but what happens when Harry decides to take Annabelle to The Secret? She finds it and her life starts falling apart again. Getting mysterious text. How can something so bad happen on such an amazing night? Annabelle doesn't understand, but she knows she is longer alone.


7. Annabelle;

Hello There! My name is Annabelle, my best friend is Harry Styles. Yes the Harry Styles from One Direction.
My favorite color is yelloww, it's just such a happy color. I love cartoons, Spongebob is my favorite well, and Pink Panther but that's a different story. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo! Can you believe that they are coming out with a Finding Dory in 2015?? I'm do psyched. I have to see it. 
Right now I'm sitting on my bed texting Harry. I know we live in the same house but that's just how we roll. Oh and I love Justin Beiber! I bet you didn't see that coming :)
Almost forgot, I'm 17 and what I look at... Well it's in the picture so 


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