This is about a girl named Emily Tomlinson. She is a "normal" human being. She thought. Wrong! She is the little unknown sister of Louis tomlinson which is a vampire. When she finally meets her brother and bandmates will she find something out about them? And will the boys find something about Emilythat she doesn't know about herself?


3. I don't care

Emily's POV 

"I don't really care that you drink blood!" I say touching Louis fangs "sweet umm just stay away from Niall when your bleeding" harry says "whatever" I say getting tired "how are you tired it's 10:00am Emily?" Louis asks "I don't know. Tell mum that my usual beating is-" I stop and look at Louis reaction. Red face with pure anger "SHE WHAT!!" Louis yells "n-nothing please don't tell that all I've heard for the last 17 years" I say scrunching my face up "okay. But why does she do it?" Louis asks "I don't know" I say as my stomach starts to ache "just go tell her that the beatings cancelled" I say lying down on the bed and dozing off "haz what are we gonna tell her?" Louis says as I shuffle around on the bed "I don't know but I'm starting to develop a liking for Emily" harry says "I like you too harry" I say "shit" harry says "I can't get to sleep Louis" I say "why?" Louis says "ahh AHH!!" I scream as I hear a high pitch whistle "Emily what's wrong? EMILY!!" Louis tries to snap me out of it "its too HIGH!!" I say in between screams "what's too high?" Harry says starting to hear it I think "I don't know" I say fading my voice as I fall off the bed in a faint "Emily!" Louis says. I move around and see fangs and blood go through my mind. I see a wolfs image. I see harry and Louis. I see mother and father dead. I see.....Niall? And the rest if the boys? "Emily----Emily" I hear a woman's voice behind me slurring my name "come here Emily" she says making her voice echo "Emily. STAY AWAY FROM LOUIS HE'S MINE!!" She says her face drooping and turning black and white "Emily! Emily! Emily!" I hear. I shoot up in bed and gasp for air. I see harry sitting in my chair at the end of my bed asleep. It's night time. "Harry" I whisper poking him "harry!" I say slapping his arm hard "ow what! Oh it's you Emily your awake" he says with excitement "like he'll I am where am I?" I ask looking around realizing I'm not at home "Louis place in London" harry says standing up and sitting next to me "oh why?" I ask "because. I don't know actually" harry says "EMILY HARRY!!" Louis screams from outside the room "COMING!!" Harry says taking my hand and leading me to the living room "yes Louis?" I ask "oh goodie your awake. Your going to meet my girlfriend Eleanor and the rest if the boys girlfriends okay?" Louis asks "yes Louis" I say as Louis takes me further into the living room "this is-" "AHH" I cut him off and hide behind him as I see Eleanor "what?" Louis says "sorry Louis but I saw her in my dreams and she told me to stay away from you" I say backing away "aww sweetie I would never say that. He's your big brother. I would love to take you shopping too!" Eleanor says "o-okay" I say stepping in front of Louis as he hugs me from behind. 

Msorry for the short chapter guys. 

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