This is about a girl named Emily Tomlinson. She is a "normal" human being. She thought. Wrong! She is the little unknown sister of Louis tomlinson which is a vampire. When she finally meets her brother and bandmates will she find something out about them? And will the boys find something about Emilythat she doesn't know about herself?


2. Hey

Emily's POV 

i lay there completly still on the floor as blood poured from my cut up wrist and cut open stomach. I don't make a sound as someone says to come out. I don't move. "EMILY COME OUT NOW!!" My "mother" says I standing up and wince in pain as I walk to the door "HURRY UP!!" My father says "coming" my scratchy voice says. I make it to the bottom of the staircase holding my stomach "your brother will be here on the 15 of march. Your birthday and you will be meeting him" mother says "y-yes mother" I say "stitch yourself up and wash up 2 days Emily 2 days" mother says. I head up to my room and close the door "shit" I say not wanting to meet them. I stitch up and cover it with a bandage and wrap my wrist up and shower. That means huh yes no beating for 2 days I thought. 

~2 days later~

i lie in the floor in pain after my birthday beating. I was wrong. The doorbell rings and I try to stand up but fail causing me to collapse on the floor "MUM WHAT WAS THAT!!" I hear a boys voice say "EMILY STOP MAKING SO MUCH RACKET YA DUMB CUNT!!" She screams. I decide to stay in my room on the floor the whole afternoon. I hear a bang and a thump downstairs. I stand up this time succeeding and make my way to my bedroom door "don't come out Emily please don't come out" I hear a gentle yet scared voice say "w-why?" I ask turning the knob slowly "because. Just don't!" He says as I start to open the door but stop as it touches my foot not showing my face "don't open it any further Emily!" He demands. I listen to him and stay still "what's that wonderful smell?" Another voice says "Niall no!" The same voice says "what's going on?" I ask quietly "Nothing Emily don't look that's what I want you to do" a voice says "okay but who are u?" I ask "your brother and Niall" Louis says "then why can't I look at you" I ask opening the door a bit more but looking down "I'm covered in red stuff" Louis says "I've seen plenty of blood for the last 17 years Louis!" I say slamming the door and feeling my bandage unravel "ugh!" I say taking my shirt off and undoing the stitch that's falling a part "LOUIS!!" I scream "yes Emily?" He says at the door "umm if I let you in promise you won't freak or something?" I ask shyly "ugh why would....I?" He says as I let him in "can you stitch things?" I ask with my back towards him "ugh yeah why?" Louis asks "this is why" I say turning around and pointing to my open wound "holy shit Emily" Louis says covering it up "where's the stitch stuff?" He asks "umm in the bathroom" I say pointing to my bathroom "okay hold this on the wound" Louis says putting the bandage on my cut and walking to the bathroom "ugh Emily who's this?" Louis asks "I don't know anyone" I say turning around to see the guy that broke into the house and tried to rape me "holy shit get out now!" I say backing away "aww baby you look good in a black bra" he says nearing me as I back away "hey mate step away from my sister!" Louis says "boys!" Louis says "aww look at that you have to have your boys just to defeat me" he says. As quick as lightning 4 boys come into the room and a curly haired one keeps staring at me "she's mine!" The guy that broke in says "no I am not yours you dumbass!" I say kicking his ass from behind. He falls to the ground in complete agony. I'm still in my black bra and covering my wound "I smell blood" Niall says sticking his nose into the air "what?" I ask not believing what he just said "nothing Emily" Louis says pushing Niall and 2 others out of my room "hey babe" another voice says behind me. I freeze in complete fear "who's that?" Louis asks with the curly haired boy "I-I don't k-know l-l-Louis" I say as he starts to touch me with his warm and filthy hands "oi I wouldn't do that if I were you buddy!" Louis says "why not?" The guy that was on the floor says touching my legs "go any further and I will rip your heart out!" The guy with curly hair growls "what like this?" The guy behind me touches my wound and breasts "please stop it hurts!" I say trying to push his hand off of my wound "AHH" I scream as he rips my cut a bit more "GRR get your fucking hands off of her!" Louis growls "what's big brother gonna do? Read me bed time stories till I die?" The one o the floor says rubbing my thigh "no this!" Louis says ripping his head off. I smile and try to move but my smile fades as pain shoots through my stomach "AHH STOP PLEASE!!" I say falling to my knees with the guy behind me ripping at my cut "I wanted him dead and I want you dead Emily!" The guy says dragging his hand to my throat "this is along time coming" Louis says as curly takes me and Louis rips the guys head off "cool" I whisper "you think it's cool?" Curly says "it's awesome that oh can do that but can you please stitch my wound up it HURTS!!" I say laying on my bed as Louis startes to stitch it up "umm Emily?" Louis says as he finishes stitching my wound "yeah?" I ask sitting up "well do you believe in supernatural beings?" Louis asks "what's that?" I ask "umm vampires and werewolves and such?" Louis says "oh umm yeah sure" I say "we'll me and harry-" "haha that's a weird name for a cute guy!" I say falling back laughing so hard "did you just say I as cute?" Harry asks "uh huh" I say sitting up "wow I've never met a girl who says whatever she wants" harry says "ha why thank you" I say flipping my hair "okay well as I was saying me and haz are vamps" Louis says looking scared to my reaction "prove it" I say "okay" Louis and harry stand up and how their fangs and red eyes "cool but I don't really care that you drink blood!"

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