This is about a girl named Emily Tomlinson. She is a "normal" human being. She thought. Wrong! She is the little unknown sister of Louis tomlinson which is a vampire. When she finally meets her brother and bandmates will she find something out about them? And will the boys find something about Emilythat she doesn't know about herself?


1. Emily Tomlinson

Hi my names Emily tomlinson and I cut. I am unknown to my brothers and sisters. In fact. I am unknown to the world. I was home birth. I don't have a birth certificate. I don't have any files, friends, knowledge or special. It's always the same Louis comes I'm in my room. When he's gone I'm out of the room. But little did I know that at the age of 17 I would meet him. I have beating by mark and Johanna. I have long blonde hair and bright blue eyes I am 5"6 and I have medium sized breasts if your wondering haha. Okay bye bye. 

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