1D Imagines/One shots


14. For Tuti

You and all the boys were hanging at the park for the day since they had a day off recording. They were running around like lunatics and you were just sitting there, laughing your head off. They were so adorable! Louis was trying to talk to some random pigeon, claiming it was 'Kevin'. Niall, Zayn and Harry were playing a weird game of duck, duck, goose and Liam was just walking around, laughing. Liam spotted you on the bench and takes a seat beside you. Harry looks over, glaring at Liam... why? You were confused but ignore it. Making small talk with Liam. "Hey Tuti!" you look over to see Harry doing some weird dance and you crack up and he grins. Liam sighs, leaning in to whisper in your ear. "You know... he's only doing that because he likes you" you blush, you've liked Harry ever since you met about a year ago. Harry, seeing the moment between you and Liam rushes over, sitting directly in between you. "Hey guys" he smiles at you and you smile back, deep crimson. Liam shakes his head, heading over to Louis and Niall. "Just ask her out already" he mutters and Harry blushes. "Oh, uh, yeah... so Tuti" you look at him and he grabs your hand. "I- you know, uhh, argh. I really like you... would you umm... you know" he blushes even deeper than before and you hug him. "Yes, Harry, of course" he grins widely, hugging you back. 


(A/N- Wow, sorry if that was bad but you know... hope you liked it though :))

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