1D Imagines/One shots


9. For Sophie

You were sitting in a circle with your best friends, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis. Harry had just suggested you all play truth or dare. "Okay, Louis... truth or dare?" asks Harry and Louis instantly replies "Dare" Harry thinks for a moment... "I dare you... to... let us give you a make-over!" Louis shrugs "Sure" he says "And! We get to post a picture on twitter" Harry adds and Louis laughs. "Okay, let's go!" you go to your room, grabbing your make-up kit and you all work on Louis' face. The end product was bright red lipstick, orange eye shadow, horribly glued fake eyelashes and his hair was poking out in every direction. You all laugh, pulling out your phones and snap lots of pictures. "You look stunning Lou!" you say and he poses. "I'm fabulous!" he shouts, you all sit down in a circle again, laughing. Louis looks at you "Soph, truth or dare?" he asks and you think... "Truth" he pouts. "Oh, come on, that's boring!" he says and you sigh, "Dare!" he grins and looks around the circle. No one can take him seriously with that make-up on... "I dare you to kiss... Niall!" he points at Niall and he looks confused... before turning crimson. "Go on!" Says Lou and Niall crawls over to you. "Pucker up" laughs Harry and you glare at him. "Do I have to?" you whine and Niall looks hurt. "Don't you want to kiss me?" he asks and you shake you head... "Oh, come here" you cup his face in your hands and kiss him passionately  He pulls away looking shocked "Woah" you grin and he kisses you again. "Hey! I only said once!" cries Louis and you laugh. "I could do this all night" you say, planting a kiss on Niall's lips. Louis pretends to vomit and you continue to kiss...


(Sorry, that was a bit weird... hope you like it! x)

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