1D Imagines/One shots


6. For Rochelle (Niall)

You settle down, after about 2 hours of procrastinating you have decided to study for your upcoming maths exam. You flip threw the enormous textbook, landing on page 175, The Pythagoras Theory. Sighing, you begin reading the first line...

The Pythagoras theory relates the the dimensions-

"Rochellle!" Niall yells from the lounge room. "I'm lonely! Come watch t.v with me!" he shouts and you sigh, no matter how much you really wanted to cuddle with Niall, you knew that this exam was important. "I'm sorry, I have to study" you call back and here his frantic footsteps until he appears at the door with a frown on his face. "Study?!" he says, with a horrified look on his face before flopping down beside you. "Why would you want to study when you could cuddle with me?" he pouts at you but you look back to the textbook. "Aw, I love you Nialler but I really must-" he cuts you off with a sweet kiss, completely distracting you from whatever you were about to say. "Please come watch t.v with me" he whispers but you shake your head, once again turning your attention back to the textbook and the multitude of words that didn't really make any sense. "You're so stubborn" he says, poking your nose but you ignore him and continue to study. You were going to pass this test no matter what. He continues poking your nose for a while until he realizes that you're not giving in. "Okay princess. I have an idea for you that means we can hang out together and you can do your 'studying'" you look up at him curiously and wonder how he thinks that would ever work. "I'll ask you questions and when you get it right... you get a kiss" he grins at you and you can't help but smile. "That's so cheesy Niall... but I guess it could work" he grins even wider and takes the heavy textbook from you, flipping to the next page and reading out the first question. "Define the Pythagoras theory" he says in a nerdy voice. "That's easy..." you go on about the theory until Niall just shrugs his shoulders "Sounds pretty much correct" he grins leaning in for a kiss. 


The rest of the night you both 'studied' though soon enough he just gave up on checking if your answers were even right...

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