1D Imagines/One shots


5. For Rochelle (Harry)

"I'm bored" you say, playing with Harry's curls. "I know!" he says, grinning at you, "Let's play hide and seek!" you laugh, he was just like a little kid sometimes. "Really Harry?" you look at him and he nods innocently. "Pweeeasse" he bats his eyelashes at you and you push him playfully, "Ohhh, but Rochelleeee!" whines Harry, pouting at you and giving you puppy dog eyes. "Aw, how am I supposed to say not to that face" you say, softly kissing his pouted lips. He grins and watches excitedly as you walk out of the room, slowly counting to 10. You hear his footsteps as he rushes about, trying to find a suitable hiding place. "8, 9... 10! Ready or not! Here I cooome!" you sing down the hall, heading in the direction you thought you heard him heading. Checking behind the bedroom door you find he is nowhere to be found, until you walk into the lounge room to find his feet sticking out from underneath the curtain. You laugh to yourself and pretend to have no idea where he is. "Hmmm... I wonder where Harry is?" you say loudly and you hear him chuckle. "Oh, I guess he's not in here..." you say, silently creeping towards the cream coloured curtain, before quickly pulling back the curtain, revealing a smirking Harry. He grins at you like a little boy and sighs, "Man, you found me" he grins, stepping towards you. He wraps his arms around your waist and leans in for a kiss but surprising starts to tickle you vigorously  "No stop! Stop!" you squeal, running away and chases you down the hallways. You run as fast as you can but soon enough he catches you, once again, engulfing you in his warmth. "You're it" he whispers and you giggle before you both lean in for a kiss. He pulls away, smirking mischievously  "Bet you can't catch me!" he yells, running back in the direction of the kitchen "Oh, it's so on Styles!" you yell, heading after him. 

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