1D Imagines/One shots


2. For Nanda

23rd of March... you sigh. Today was your's and Louis' 6 month anniversary. You smile, remember all the amazing and crazy memories. The boys were currently on tour in L.A and Louis promised to Skype you tonight. You understood that the tour was important for them all but just really wished he could be here with you on this special day. You haven't seen him for almost 4 months! "Oh Lou..." sighing, you grab your phone, and decide to write him a cute text, just to make sure he hasn't forgotten. 

6 month anniversary! I love you so much Louis!  Forever and Always xx <3

You silently wait for a reply but remember the time difference and that he probably won't reply until later. Sighing, you place your phone on the bed and head towards the kitchen. Grabbing a cup you start to pour yourself some juice you feel strong arms wrap around your waist. "You didn't think I would miss our anniversary" Louis whispers into your ear, placing sweet kisses down your neck. "I love you Louis" you say turning around to face your perfect boyfriend. "I love you too Nanda, forever and always" he grins, carrying you to the bedroom. 




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