1D Imagines/One shots


12. For Mackenzie

Smiling, you place your things down on the sand and lay down on your towel. Today was going to be great. Just you and your best friends, hanging at the beach all day. You put on your shades and lay back, watching a particularly interesting game of beach volleyball a couple metres away. "Hey Kenzie, we're just going to get some drinks!" says your friend, Rachel, getting up and heading towards the long line for the drink stand. You just nod, still engrossed in the game of volleyball. A curly haired boy hits the ball awkwardly and it comes flying towards you, hitting you right in the face. "Ow!" you exclaim as your glasses fly off. The boy runs over, grabbing the volleyball. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry love" he says with a British accent and you glare at him. He looks down at you and smiles shyly. "Uh, I'm Harry" he says, offering you his hand. You take it, standing up. 
"Mackenzie. But just call me Kenzie" he nods, smiling. You notice he is still holding your hand and he shyly lets go. 
"Harry! Hurry up mate!" you hear another boy call out. Harry looks back and gestures that he'll be over in a minute.
"Well. Nice to meet you" you say and go to sit back down but he grabs your free hand.
"Um, I was wondering... if I could maybe have your number?" you blush, nodding. He pulls out his phone and lets you enter it in.
"Bye love. I'll... text you" he grins and you smile back as he runs back to his friends.
That night, you received a text from Harry:

Hey love, are you free tomorrow night? xxxx -Harry

That was the beginning of your beautiful relationship :)


(A/N Sorry it took me so long... writer block >.< Hope you liked it!)

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