1D Imagines/One shots


3. For Katelin

You yawn and feel Harry's arm tighten protectively around your waist. He mumbles something into your hair and drifts of the sleep once again. You decide that you want to make him breakfast in bed for a change. He was always surprising you in the mornings with delicious meals and you felt it would be a nice change. You try to squirm out of his grasp but it's too tight. "Haz... babe?" you whisper and his eyes flutter open. "Can I uhhh... go to the toilet?" you ask innocently. He pouts, but slightly loosens his grip allowing you to slip from his arms and  you head down the hallway. Once you reach the kitchen you pull out some eggs from the fridge and sigh... you had to admit, you were new to this, Harry loved cooking and did most of the cooking in this house. "Ummm... I can do this. Just try and remember how Harry does it" you whisper to yourself. You pull out a few pans and start to slowly make scrambled eggs. 


Your place the eggs on a plate and smile at your creation. "Well done Katelin" you congratulate yourself and head to the bedroom. Harry looks up at you and smirks. "I had a feeling you weren't in the toilet" you hand him the plate and lay beside him. "Well, go on!" you smile up at him as he places the eggs in his mouth. He swallows and looks over at you. He grins and kisses you softly. Quickly he places the plate on the bedside table and continues to press his lips against yours. "Was it good?" you murmur between kisses. "Shhh" he says placing his finger on your lips. You had a feeling he was just doing this so he wouldn't have to admit that your cooking was terrible. You roll on top of him and stop him from kissing you. "Now, how was it?" you look at him expectantly. "Well... love, you're amazing at many things but cooking is not one of them" he looks guilty but you lean down and kiss him, giggling. "I'll just leave the cooking to you" he smiles against your lips, flipping you over so he's on top. "Now it's my turn to do something for you" he grins


Hope you liked it :)

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