1D Imagines/One shots


10. For Hope

You and Louis had decided that today you were going to study for the upcoming exam. You were both sitting in the library huddled around a book. Louis inconspicuously starts to plant kisses on your neck, cheek, forehead but you don't respond. Moving over slightly. You were here to study. You were trying very hard not to give in this time. Louis sighs loudly and you ignore him, and continue reading. He sighs again, even louder than before. Again, you just ignore him and continue to read. "I'm booooorrred" he whines and you press you finger to your lips. "Shhh Lou, we're in a library" you gesture to the many people who were silently reading their books, he just looks at you, a mischievous smile spreading across his face. He jumps up on the chair and you gasp, gesturing for him to get down but people were already looking over. "No Hope! I will NOT take my pants off!" he shouts and you face palm, feeling your face go red as everyone stares at you, shocked. He sits back down grinning like a fool. "Louis Tomlinson" you say crossly. He pouts, kissing you "I can take them off later though" he says and you can't help but laugh. You shut the book, shaking your head. "I love you Lou" you say and he grins. "I love you too Hope, now let's leave this place" he grabs your hand and you both run out of the library like crazy people. 


(Sorry it was short but I hope you still enjoyed it)



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