1D Imagines/One shots


8. For Hannah

You were nervous. You were sleeping over you best friend, Eleanor's place and she had told you her boyfriend and his friends were coming over. You hear the doorbell ring and you both rush downstairs and answer the door. "Hey El" says a curly haired boy and you see Louis hug... they were so cute together! You sigh, watching them with envy. "Oooh, who's this?" ask the same curly haired boy. They all turn to you and you smile shyly. "This is my best friend, Hannah" says Eleanor, grinning. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry all introduce themselves and head inside. A cute blonde boy comes over to you and smiles. "H- Hi... I'm Niall" he says and you blush. "Hey! Nice to meet you!" you hug him and you both head inside, making small conversation. You find El and the boys sitting on the couch and you and Niall sit next to each other on the floor. "I'm hungry" mutter Niall and all the boys laugh "You're always hungry Niall!" they say and he shrugs. "Aha, same with Hannah!" says Eleanor and you both look at each other blushing. "I'll... go get some food." She says, winking at you and heading into the kitchen. A while later, she comes back with a plate of sandwiches. Everyone digs in until there are no sandwiches left, expect for the one Niall was about to eat. "Oh, no sandwiches left" you say in disappointment. Niall looks at him sandwich then back at you, then back the sandwich. He holds it out to you and you smile. "Really?" he nods and you take it, halfing it and giving half back. He smiles and you both blush. "Aw, you're the first girl Niall has ever shared his food with" says Liam, grinning. And that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship...


(Hope you liked it! :o)

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