1D Imagines/One shots


4. For Ethan

-Beep Beep Beep-

Your eyes open instantly to the sound of your alarm clock going off. Almost giving you a heart attack. You turn it off and jump out of bed, still a bit shaken from the abrupt awakening. Realizing that Niall wasn't in his normal position next to you on the bed you slowly head out of the bedroom. "...Niall? Where are you?" you call but there's no reply. Weird you thought as you step into the kitchen, stumped as to where he could be. Suddenly, you feel two strong arms snake around your waist and you grin. "Morning Princess" he says, kissing you softly on the cheek then making his was over to your lips, planting soft kisses on them. "Morning" you mumble and look up at him. "Where were you?" you ask curiously. He looks back down at you and shrugs "Just in the bathroom" you give him a weird look... I didn't hear the toilet... you think to yourself and frown at him. "What did you do?" you instantly ask and he gives you a mischievous smile... "Nothing Ethan. Nothing" you head into the bathroom and look around. Seeing nothing out off place you look over at him as he leans on the door frame innocently. "Hmmm" you smile at him and decide to forget it and head back to the kitchen. You were starving!


Placing down your hair straightener you smile happily. Now for the make-up... wait... where's my make-up kit. Once again, Niall comes and leans on the door frame and you frown at him. "Niall Horan! Where is my make-up?" he walks over to you and faces you towards the mirror. "Ethania..." he never used your full name unless he was serious... "You don't need make-up. I love you just the way you are and I want you to see how truly gorgeous you are to me" he says. You smile at him and kiss him passionately  "I love you too Niall" you whisper on his lips...


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