1D Imagines/One shots


7. For Dani

Chucking all the things you'll need into your bag you rush out the door, heading in the direction of the beach down the road. Louis had invited you to the beach today and you were pretty excited for this second date since you two had hit it off at the fair last Friday.  You spot him by the water and he grins at you. You walk towards him, feeling the sand between your toes and you both hug. "Hey gorgeous" he smiles at you and you blush. "So, I thought we could have a picnic today" he takes your head, leading you towards where he had set up an adorable little blanket with some sandwiches and sodas. "Aw Lou" you say as you both sit down. "Do... do you like it?" he asks, nervously, trying to read your expression. "I love it!" you exclaim and you see relief spread over his face. You can't but smirk and he grins back. Man, how you loved his smile...


"Okay, enough food! Let's go for a swim!" says Louis, jumping up and holding his hand out to you. Taking it, you both run towards the water like excited little kids. You had come prepared and simply pull off your shirt and shorts, revealing a cute bikini you had brought specifically for today. Lou looks you up and down and smirks. Rushing into the water, you both start splashing each other playfully. Louis looks around before dunking his head under before popping out of the water again! "Ahhh help!" he screams and you quickly swim over. "What?! Lou!" you help him back up, worry spread through your features. You pull him towards the shore and lay him down. "Louis? Don't kid with me boy!" you say shaking him. One eye flutters open and he grins slightly. "I think I need CPR" he whispers and you sigh, whacking him on the chest. "You scared the living daylights out of me Mr!" you say but he shuts his eyes and pouts his lips. "I... CPR" he says again and you roll your eyes. You lean down slowly, planting a small kiss on his lips. You start to pull away when he pulls you onto him, kissing you passionately. "I love you" he says and you smile into the kiss. "I love you too Lou!"


(I really hope you liked it! :o)

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