1D Imagines/One shots


13. For Andrea

You shut the door behind you and are greeted with the loud singing of your boyfriend, Harry, coming from the bathroom. You slowly creep in and see him in the shower. "Truly, Madly, Deeply, I am..." you decide to join in with the singing "Foolishly, completely fallen" he jumps when he hears your voice and turn, smiling at you. "Hey love" he opens his arms for a hug but you shake your head. "Harry, you're wet" he laughs, grabbing your hand. "Trying to get a good look, aye Love?" he chuckles and you sigh but can't help giggling. He pulls you in, completely saturating you from head to toe. "Harry Edward Styles!" you shout, hitting him playfully. He just grins, leaning in and softly kissing your lips. You deepen the kiss and feel his tongue slip into your mouth, slightly brushing against yours. "I love you Andrea" he whispers, his nose against yours. "I love you too Harry. I love you too"


(A/N- Sorry it's short but hope you still liked it!)

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