Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


8. YES!!!!


OMG did he just ask me out? I looked at Niall in disbelief at first then I realized i hadn't answered the question yet "yes! I would love to!" I said as I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes "great" he said smiling widely he grabbed my hand and walked back out to where the boys were " whoa guys what happened" Harry asked looking at our entwined fingers


OMG wow I can't beleive she said yes! "Hey jenna would you like to go to the park?" I said as I looked down to her seeing she was about a 6 inches shorter than me " sure!" She said as she looked up to me smiling "ok let's go!" I pulled her hand and walked towards the door then walked out

*Haleys POV*

I walked back into the room where the guys were but I didn't see Jenna or Niall "hey guys where'd Jenna and Niall go?" I asked looking at them all "oh they came in here holding hands then said they were dating and then walked to the park" Zayn said " o ok thanks!"

*jennas POV*

We were having fun in the park just running around and pretty much acting like five year olds we were on the swings when I looked up and that's when I saw him....

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