Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


13. whos Tiffany?

*jennas POV*

I had just got my dare to make out with Niall right there in front of everyone for  3 minutes so I did I turned towards him and leaned in. I heard him chuckle before I felt his familiar soft lips on mine. We were kissing for about 2 minutes now and time would be up soon. When the floor started vibrating Niall stopped kissing me and pulled out his phone. He was getting a call he looked up at everyone and said "sorry guys I gotta take this" I looked at the caller ID as he got up to go take the call it was from Tiffany......

*Nialls POV*

I was having a great time kissing jenna when I felt my phone start buzzing in my back pocket I pulled away and saw sadness flash through Jenna's eyes I pulled out my phone and saw that the ID said Tiffany why was she calling me?? I looked up at everyone and said "sorry guys I gotta take this" and I stood up and walked into the kitchen I think Jenna looked at the caller ID or had accidentally seen it and that's not good she might think im cheating on her and I'm not Tiffany wants me back but im very happy with Jenna. I walked into the kitchen and pressed "accept" I put the phone to my ear and this was the conversation

Niall- hello?

tiffany- hey baby I know you want me back just like I want you

Niall-I don't want you back I have a girlfriend and im very happy with her

tiffany- oh save it I know your just using her to make me jealous.

Niall- no I'm not I broke up with you because your a cheater and Jenna is way better than you I would never take you back

tiffany-whatever ill come by and see you soon and then you'll drop that little whore on the spot and come back for me

Niall- do not ever call her that again and  do not come here I don't want you here!

I said that and hung up the phone I walked back into the living room only to find that Jenna wasn't there "where's Jenna" I asked and they just all looked at me then Zayn spoke " well she looked like she was gonna cry and then she said she was gonna go change and take her makeup off and undo her hair shes been up there about 10 minutes" OH NO she must've seen the caller ID and she was in the bathroom where her razor was this isn't  good I meant to grab the razor when we were up there before but I didn't this isn't good I ran up the stairs and luckily she hadn't locked the bathroom door and luckily it was in her room so no one would hear us. I opened the bathroom door and it wasn't what I had wanted to see.....

*Jenna's POV*

I was sitting there I had already changed and taken most of my makeup off and I ad my hair in a messy bun. Was Niall cheating on me??? it was the same girl he had texts from at dinner and he just stopped our kiss short to talk to her  now I didn't know what to think I grabbed my razor and started making cuts again all different ones different lengths and depths it was all to bad I had weighed myself I was 115lbs I hated my body I hated everything about me I wanted to lose weight. is still hadn't stopped cutting either I need to stop I made a promise I looked down and my arm was all bloody but right as I looked down someone walked in the door. I slowly looked up and saw Niall he looked pissed off at me. I instantly started bawling I was crying so much Niall was going to leave me the best thing I had was going to leave me.

*Niall's POV*

I walked in and as soon as I did Jenna looked up and started crying instantly  she started trying to talk eventually she got her words out "Niall im so sorry I broke my promise" she was still crying and holding her wrist "Niall im so sorry and now your pissed off at me and your gonna leave me" she kept saying that over and over again she thought I was gonna leave her I walked up to her and picked her up bridal style and she buried her face in my neck "baby its okay im not going to leave you just please tell me why you did it please baby?" I kept asking her that and I just sat her down and then sat beside her on the couch in her room. She finally talked and she just looked at her hands and she wouldn't look at me " I thought you were going to leave me cause you were talking to that other girl and I just thought you were gonna leave me and then the whole mess that happened with Aaron and I don't know and im fat I just want to lose weight and theres just so many things I hate about myself" her word broke my heart she thought that I was going to leave her it stung to hear her words  that she said she hated herself and to hear her say she thinks shes fat it was hurting me so much but I knew that it hurt her worse shes had a rough life and it hurt me to know someone so beautiful thinks these things about herself A tear rolled down my cheek as she said she thought I was going to leave her she finally looked up at me and then looked back at her  wrist she stood up and went to the bathroom and rinsed her wrist off she put a bandage around her small arm and then put on a t-shirt she didn't come back and sit with me but she went and laid down on her bed I could hear her  sniffling I got up and changed into my pj's also and went and layed on the bed she was still crying and she looked up at me "whos Tiiffany?" she asked through her sniffles "she's my ex girlfriend and she thinks im just trying to make her jealous by using you and that was her on the phone earlier but I told her off and hung up. Your the only one I love Jenna and im never going to cheat on you or leave you I love you baby" she looked up at me with tears still running down her cheeks "I'm sorry for all the pain I've brought you Niall you're an amazing person and I love you too" she looked down for a second and then she looked back up at me "im just so sor-" I cut her off by pulling her to me and placing my lips on  hers. At first she dint kiss back but then she was kissing me and then suddenly she was on top of me and we were in a full on makeout session. I flipped us over so I was on top and we were still making out well that is until we heard Harry calling us from downstairs and we got up and went back downstairs both of our cheeks  red as a tomato...


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