Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


5. what?!?!

~Jenna's POV~

I finally found what I was looking for a razor I was so done with all this crap about people bullying me just because my sister is never here and I don't have parents it's not fault I'm always alone I was sitting there and I just kept cutting for felt good to let it all out I was so sick and tired of it all I was up to about 30 cuts when I heard someone knocking on the door probably my sis Haley and the lads of one direction I hurried up and put a bandage and sweat shirt on so they couldn't see my cuts I hurried down stairs excited to see my sister I flung open the door and screamed "HALEY" they all jumped and then Haley screamed "JENNA" then I let them all inside I saw Niall and he was soooo hot but he would never date someone like me I may or may not have kept looking at him ....

~Haley POV ~

I noticed jenna kept looking at Niall and I knew she liked him she always did that when she liked someone she would keep looking at them every little bit we were all sitting down watching the Telly when I got the idea to tell jenna Niall liked her I went and grabbed her wrist to pull her up "OW!" She screamed "what's wrong?" I turned around to see Jenna's eyes filling up with tears "jenna what's wrong and why did that hurt you wrist?" Jenna just ran up stair s I turned around and the boys were looking at me giving me odd looks I ran upstairs to Jenna's room to find her siting in her bed crying

~Jenna's POV ~

That really hurt my wrist but she couldn't find out about this just no I heard someone walk into my room but I was crying too much to see who it was I looked up and saw Haley she walked over and gave me a look as to say what happened she grabbed my arm and pulled my sleeve up and saw the bloody bandage she took the bandage off and saw all my cuts

Haley POV

"WHY DID YOU DO THIS JENNA WHY????" I just looked at jenna I felt bad for her I knew Aaron cheated on her but was that all it took to send her over the edge ?? No It couldn't be was there something she wasn't telling me?? "Jenna is there something your not telling me?"she just looked at me like a sad puppy and then she told me everything like the bullies why would they do this to her why!?!? There might be one thing that can make her happier "hey jenna?"I asked her "yeah?" She said her voice cracking "do you like Niall?" She looked at me a small smirk beginning to form on her lips " maybe.!" She just looked at me and I looked at her "well good news for you he likes you too!

~Jenna's POV

OMG Niall likes me back !!!! YAYYYY " really?!?!" I asked looking at Haley "yes he told me when I showed a pic to them so they could see what you looked like and he said he liked you" OMG!!!

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