Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


12. what happened jenna?

*authors note*

okay guys im so so sorry for not updating in a long time I lost my book I was writing in and I still cant find it but im kind of remembering what I wrote so here goes nothing ill try my best so sorry if its a bad chapter but im gonna keep looking for my book and im going to try my best on this chapter and please talk to me guys!

*jennas POV*

me and niall walked downstairs hand in hand slowly walking because I was scared to greet the questionable faces of everyone else. we finally got downstairs and just stopped in the doorway of the living room where all the guys and their girlfriends were watching tv. Louis and Haley were curled up on the love seat and Zayn and Perrie were curled up on the couch along with Harry and Lexi and Liam and Maddy were for some reason on the floor curled up in a blanket they all looked up when me and Niall walked in.  well sort of walked in I was still holding Nialls hand when he walked in and I stopped at the doorway causing him to stop in his tracks and turn around giving me a questionable look I didn't say anything and instead just dropped his hand a flash of sadness went through his eyes but he just walked over to me and put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. Everyone just looked at us with questionable faces. I felt bad for just leaving them earlier  but I didn't know what else to do. It felt like eternity before anyone said anything but that's when Harry spoke up and broke the awkward silence. "So guys what was happening up there I heard cry-" Harry stopped mid sentence as Niall gave him glare and Harry cleared his throat and said "laughing we heard lots of laughing up there.. haha must if been something funny"  his cheeks were going red and even though what just happened upstairs was not funny or good whatsoever I started laughing because of Harry's embarrassment I started laughing and then I couldn't stop laughing and everyone was looking at me weird. I looked up still laughing and Harry looked at me and asked whats so funny? I kept laughing not able to tell him I was actually laughing at him. When I had finally calmed down a bit i wiped the tears from laughing so much from my eyes and looked up at Harry " nice save Harry and that's why i was laughing so much" Harrys cheeks went an even brighter red. He just leaned back into the couch and tried to hide behind Lexi who just moved over and laughed at him to. "Hey guys why don't we go out for dinner tonight and then we can all come back and sleep here and play games"? i said everyone looked at me and smiled saying sure that it sounded fun. Then everybody got up to go get ready. I turned around to go up the stairs and change and i went into my room when Niall came up behind me with his bags behind him "hey baby you seem to be feeling a bit better?" he said as he walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Yeah im feeling a bit better and besides i thought it would be fun and be a good way to get my mind off of everything" " yeah that is a good way i guess we should get ready shouldn't we?" he smirked at me as i turned around " maybe i said" he looked at me "or we could do something else really fast?" he started to tickle me and i kept laughing "niall stop " i kept screaming as i was laughing i couldnts stop lauging and he wouldn't stop tickling me. i was laying on the bed now and he was over me still tickling me when i accidently kicked him and he fell over on the bed beside me and grunted in pain i felt so bad i stopped laughing istantly as i realized what i didi sat up and a tear rolled down my check "niall??" he didn't say anything and he was just laying there with his eyes closed. i got really scared for a second i started poking him "niall are you okay?? niall?" he still wasn't answering me and another tear rolled down my cheek " oh my god niall" "BOO!!".. "AGHHH" i screamed and fell off the side of the bed with all the blankets tumbling down on top of me. I heard nialls laughter in the background from him scaring me but my cheeks were so red i didn't feel like coming out from under the covers he scared me so much my heart was beating so fast i cant believe he scared me like that. i started thinking of a way to get back at him so i thought i would just pretend to be mad at him and not talk to him for a little bit and just see what he does or i can not talk to him all through dinner and wait to see how sorry he is for scaring me. I could hear him getting off the bed and siting down on the floor beside me to see if I was okay he leaned down right near my face even though I was still under the blanket and he leaned down and said "baby are you okay I didn't mean to scare you that bad"  I was trying hard not to laugh at this point I knew I was going to feel bad after not talking to him but he will be okay. I got up without saying a word and picked out my clothes  and went to the bathroom still not saying a word. I had grabbed a short black dress that was strapless and tight at the top and a little poofy around the bottom of it. it had a cute hot pink bow around the waist and I had also grabbed my black sparkly heels I went into the bathroom and began to change and then I grabbed my phone and went into the group chat I had earlier with that has me Haley, Perrie, Lexi, and Maddie and I texted them and told them the deal about Niall and told them to tell the boys but not to tell Niall a single detail about my joke I would tell him that when we get back from dinner. I came out of the bathroom after doing my hair and makeup and getting my replies from the girls and I grabbed my black sparkly clutch purse and walked out of my room leaving Niall by himself on the bed he looked sad and I felt really bad then I don't know if ill be able to last through dinner. We all got downstairs and everyone was looking really nice especially Niall it was taking all of me not to compliment him. he looked up at me and walked over to me and put his arm around my waist I still didn't say anything he looked kinda nervous since I hadn't been talking to him at all but we got to the cars and I got in and according to plan before niall could get in beside me Maddie looked up at him and said "didn't you know the guys are riding separate girls in one guys in another" niall looked at her weird before walking to the other car. Haley got in the driver seat Lexi in the passenger seat and me Maddie and Perrie in the middle and then we were off to some fancy restaurant  not too far from my house. We got in the restaurant and got seated Niall sat down beside me and we all ordered drinks. I was looking at my menu when Niall leaned down and said "are you mad at me you haven't been talking to me?" I still didn't say anything and ordered my food as the waiter went around the table. Niall was starting to look worried and was just playing with his hands as he waited for his food.

*Nialls POV*

I think Jenna was really mad at me for scaring her like that I didn't mean to scare her that much now im really scared I mean what if she breaks up with me? We haven't even been dating that long I cant lose her. I feel terrible about scaring her like that but I cant tell her that because she wont talk to me and that's what's making even more scared. I ordered my food and just kinda played with my hands as I waited for the food. I could see Jenna looking at me out of the corner of my eye but I didn't want to look her in the eyes I might cry and she might just turn away anyway.

I was sitting there still playing with my hands as I was waiting for her to say something just one thing! I was sitting there when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I took my phone out of my pocket to see who had texted me it turned out I had 15 texts and 10 missed calls from my ex-girlfriend Tiffany  why was she texting me? I opened the texts and realized all of them were all basically just saying she wanted me back or that she had seen the pictures of me and Jenna and she was saying I was just trying to make her jealous. I broke up with her because she cheated and wanted every other guy and would take pictures with other guys every single time she told me she couldn't hang out she would hang out with another guy. why would I want to make her jealous im happy with Jenna and I love her and im not going to lose her just because of a jealous girl I broke up with almost a year ago.

*Jennas POV*
I looked over as I saw niall pull out his phone it was from some girl saying she saw the pics of me and him and that he was only trying to make her jealous. I didn't know who it was other than her name was tiffany and she wanted my boyfriend. I pulled my phone out of mu clutch and texted Niall

jenna-  hey lets talk when we get back to my house

niall- okay baby

jenna- or we can take a cab back early and meet them when they get back

that's when he didn't answer me he just put his phone back in his pocket and he stood up and grabbed my hand I stood up too and he looked at everyone " me and Jenna are gonna get a cab and go back to her place we will meet you guys there later" they all looked at me understanding the situation. Me and Niall got up and walked outside and called the cab. After the short can ride back to my place we got back and I grabbed his hand and walked upstairs and into my room "Niall im sorry about that I was trying to joke with you because you scared me so bad I really wanted to talk to you and I feel terrible and just im so sor-" I stopped talking as I felt soft lips being placed on mine. Niall leaned back and just chuckled "baby its okay and I didn't mean to scare you so much I was just trying to trick you too" I just giggled ad Niall looked at me kind of funny but it made me laugh even more. We had already changed and I was wearing my shorts and one of Nialls shirts and he was just wearing basketball shorts with not shirt on and then he looked at me again " well is something funny?" he asked as he looked at me he dint know I was laughing at his hair because it was all messed up from when he had tool off his shirt "its just your hairs messed up...really bad" I started laughing again and then I really couldn't stop laughing I could tell hews about to mess my hair up so I jumped up and started to run out of my room and downstairs and into the living room I didn't know where Niall had gotten to so I was standing in the doorway to the kitchen as I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pick me up I started laughing again as Niall threw my down on the couch and started tickling me again after multiple yells for him to stop tickling me he finally did and just layed down beside me and looked at me I turned and layed over on my side and looked at him too soon  he just leaned over and kissed me and I kissed him back he kept kissing me and suddenly his tongue was in my mouth u don't know when that happened but it did and suddenly the doorbell rang I tried to get up but niall had his arms wrapped around me "Niall ill be right back baby I promise but  need to see whos at the door" he moaned but let me go I got up and went and opened the door what I saw is not who or what I wanted to see.. it was Aaron yes my ex-boyfriend Aaron the one that cheated on me with my bestfriend "what are you doing here" I looked at him wondering why he was here "im here because I miss you and I want you back" I grunted in disgust as he said that " right im  sure you do after you kissed my best friend now exbestfriend right? you have no business being here Aaron you need to lea-" I was stopped mid sentence as Aaron kissed me I was trying to push away but his grip was too strong.

*Nialls POV*

I layed there waiting for her to get back from getting the door but she was taking a really long time I walked around the corner when I saw her ex boyfriend kissing her I saw her trying to get away and he wouldn't let her I ran up to him and drug him off of her " WHAT DO YOOU THINK YOUR DOING TO MY GIRLFFRIEND??" I said as he fell too the floor I was so mad I punched him in the face "GET OUT" he jumped up and ran  outside to his car and sped off down the road I closed the door and saw Jenna standing there with tears running down her face I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her "baby its okay he's gone now and im here for you" I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the couch and layed down she started crying again so I just rubbed her back and kissed her forehead "shh shh baby its okay shh" I said and suddenly her breathing slowed I leaned back and saw that she was asleep.

it was about an hour later until the guys and girls got back and Jenna was still asleep  thye all came in and looked at us I told them everything that had just happened and they understood about 30 mins later Jenna woke up and we began to play Truth or Dare we were all sitting on the floor and jenna was leaned up against me harry had just gone and he looked at Jenna and said Truth or Dare?? she looked up and said "dare" Harry looked at her deviously "makeout with Niall for 4 mins right here right now" her eyes went wide for a second and then shee just shrugged and turned towards me causing everyone to laugh.

*authors note*

hey guys long chapter!! please comment below please please please it would mean the world to me for yall to tell me about how im doing please guys xoxo :) love you all very mmuch and thankyou for staying with me comment below if I should continue this story!!

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