Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


17. unfriended

* authors note*

thankyou guys so much I checked this at school today and I almost dropped my phone on the floor I mean 634 reads??!!!? I love you guys your amazing :))))))))))))) okay on with the story I love you and don't forget your beautiful xoxo

* nialls POV*

I couldn't believe what I just saw. One of my best mates kissing my girlfriend. I mean what the hell? Why would he do that to me? Plus why would he do that to his girlfriend?? this is going to crush Maddie. But he is going to tell her the truth and if he trys to back out ill tell her myself. I saw Jenna trying to get away but Liam had his strong grip on her soft now tear stained cheeks. I was knocked out of my thoughts as I felt warm tears falling on my arm. I looked down to see Jenna softly crying. " hey babe whats wrong?" she didn't say a word but just showed me her phone. But what I saw made me even more pissed off...

* Liams POV*

crap! What did I just do? i ruined my possible friendship with Jenna and now one of best mates probably hates me. Im going to lose my relationship with Maddie. Why couldn't i just keep my mouth shut? ive screwed up and i don't know what im supposed to do. I heard someone walk in the room and looked up to see an angry Maddie standing with her arms crossed. oh no.. " what the hell Liam?!" i started to say something but knew i had no explanation for what i had done " i thought you loved me? and yet you go and kiss my best friend. I saw her struggling to get away and you wouldn't let her go. Well now im letting you go. We are done Liam Payne." and she walked off my love walked away from me ive screwed up and theres no way ill get her trust anytime soon.

*jennas POV*

i was still cradled in Nialls arms. Neither of us saying anything. But as i looked through twitter at tweets mentioning me , there was one that caught my eye. it was one with the name of tiffany. she sent horrible tweets calling me a slut, a bitch, telling me i didn't deserve Niall. It was his ex. I started crying softly hoping Niall wouldn't notice but he did. he asked me what was wrong. But i just couldn't get the words out. I showed him my phone and for the first time ever i was scared of Niall. His face went red and he instantly grabbed his phone and furiously started typing away on his phone. I didn't know what i had caused. But i burst into tears realizing what has just happened. Ive hurt Niall way too much. Why does he even still love me? I'll ask him this when he isn't fuming mad. Ive caused him too much pain and i really need to apologize for what ive done for what im doing and for what ive yet to do.

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