Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


30. the truth is revealed

*Liams POV*

I heard Jenna say these words and I couldn't get them out of my head. They were haunting me now and it hurt me so much to hear her say that. I hadn't even noticed her getting thinner. She had being wearing lots of loose clothing lately. This just hurt so much. Who knew that behind closed doors she wasn't eating and that she was harming herself and now to know that she's done this to herself again because of Niall. How could Niall be so stupid and hurt a girl as amazing as Jenna.


*Nialls POV*

I woke up in a room unknown to me. I looked around and felt my head pounding, feeling like it going to explode. I felt warmth in my arms and turned over to see an unfamiliar girl. I jumped up out of the bed and looked around. I didn't know where I was but I wasn't wearing a shirt or pants. "hey there" I heard a girls voice come from behind me. I turned around to see her sitting up in the bed. She didn't have anything on but lace panties and a lace bra. "Last night was amazing" she said and smiled. I shook my head "I'm sorry but no I don't even know what im doing here. I have a girlfriend. I love her and I don't know where I am or who you are but I need to get out of here." Suddenly the smile dropped off her face. "You have a fucking girlfriend. What the hell. If you loved her you would have been with her at the club last night not getting drunk and making out with me. Yah know I saw a girl looking at us last night, when we were kissing. She was looking over at us and then she ran off with someone. He basically had to drag her away because she was frozen in what looked like pure terror. I didn't exactly know she was looking at you and I was thinking in my head what a dickhead the person was that made her look like that. That's a look you can't recover from." She said this and it all hit me. I started to remember events of last night. They were all replaying in my mind. I remember the alcohol taking over me and I couldn't stop myself. I didn't see Jenna but I knew that's who she was talking about. I'm afraid now that she's broke the promise she made to me and its all my fault if she did. I don't know why I didn't such a thing after she had gone way out of her way on so many occasions and do things for me. I hate myself so much right now. I stood up and grabbed my clothes from the floor that were thrown in various spots across the room. I couldn't think straight now nut I just knew I needed to find Jenna and make sure she was okay. That is if she will even talk to me. I grabbed my phone and keys and put on my clothes. I left without saying another word and went and got into my car. I got in and decided to check my phone for any messages I opened it and saw multiple ones appear in my notifications there was 2 from Jenna from last night at the time from when we were still at the club and then there was 3 from Louis from 3am this morning and also a missed call from Louis and a voicemail. I decided to open Jenna's messages first.

*hey babe just wondering where you are? xx**

*still cant find you :( I guess ill just walk around until I find you,  I cant wait until I do ;)*

A tear rolled down my cheek as I saw the message from Jenna. It must have been right before she came and saw me being the worst person anyone could ever be. I then decided to open Louis' messages however I was filled with horror when I read what he said

*I hope your happy*

*I hope you got what you wanted when you decided to sleep with some random girl when you had a real girl here that loved you more than she believed she ever would again.*

*Jenna is in the hospital. She ran to her room after I took her from the club last night and I heard things while I was fixing her some tea and ran upstairs into her bathroom to see her laying in a pool of her own blood. She had been cutting her sides multiple times and she was digging her nails down in the cuts and clawing herself. We took her to the hospital and even more things went wrong. If that was even possible. She told us all she hadn't been eating. I hope your happy now Niall*
I couldn't believe the sight before me. I threw my phone in the floor of my car. I slammed  my hands against the steering wheel over and over again. I hate myself right now. I couldn't believe this. I slammed my hands again and just yelled anything that came to my mind. I started up my car and rushed to the hospital as fast as I could. I arrived at the hospital and ran to the reception desk. I told them I was there to see Jenna "I'm sorry sir, you cant see her now" I ran my hands through my hair now freaking out even more."Wh- why can't I see her?' I said. The nurse looked up at me "Hun shes in the emergency room,  her heart stopped beating suddenly t about 9 am this morning"


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