Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


4. sister

*jennas POV*

2 weeks after my break up with aaron and I'll finally be happy my sister Haley is finally coming back to england to live with me she had gone to NYC to go with her boyfriend louis and his band mates as you may have guessed the band One Direction i have only seen louis i havnt seen zayn,harry,niall,or liam she said they were all single except for well odviously louis and she said zayn was engaged to perrie edwards who was in my other fave band little mix but her and the boys were coming to stay at my house since its really big . my iphone 5s buzzed on the counter i went to see who was txting me and it was my guy best firend tyler i was telling him about my new phone and he asked why didnt get the iphone 5c nd i told him because its just plastic for the color then for some reason he started being a jerk and randomly called me stuck up that i had no friends that i couldnt get relation ships that i was fat and ugly i got all depressed and sad i ran to the bathroom an searched through the cabinents until i finally found what i was looking for.......

*haley POV*

i was soo happy that i was going back to england to live with my sis jenna i hope shes ok she told me about her breakup with aaron and how it happened i felt so sorry for her i must have been deep in thought because i didnt hear louis calling my name "haley ...Haley " "huh what oh hey lou whats up babe?" i asked as i looked into his blue eyes "we're getting off the plane" he said as he stood up omg yayyy we are back in england time to go see jenna i knew the boys were excited to see her too especially niall i had showed them a pic of her so they could see what she looked like an niall got a crush on her we got off the plane and went to get our luggage. we got our luggage and went and got in the car and headed to jennas house . i knew excactly where it was seeing i lived there before then i went on tour with the boys for 5 months so i havnt seen her in a while.

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