Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


22. sentenced for life]]

 *authors note*

HEY GUYSSS!!! HOW ARE YALL LIKIN THE STORY??? pleassseee comment and tell me how im doin withthis book I feel like im doing horrible because nobody will actually comment and tell me how im doin please guys comment and tell me yalls opinions on the story bye yall love yall <<<<<<<<<<3333333333333


*Nialls POV*
 I saw  Jenna go down the ground as soon as I hung up the phone after calling 9-1-1. She lay on the floor after the hard blow to the head she had just preciously received. All the sudden her father jerked her up by her hair which pissed me off even more which I honestly didn't think was possible. I punched  him in the face and in pain he dropped jenna to the ground once more ad her eyes rolled back and eventually shut. I heard sirens In the distance but her father was in too much pain to notice it. I saw the police car pull into Jennas driveway. That's when her father saw them he tired to run but I grabbed his shirt until the police ran in and handcuffed him. I leaned down to see if Jenna was breathing. "is she breathing??" the police officer asked that stood before me "yes shes breathing shes just unconscious" I said standing back up running my hands through my hair. I looked out the window and saw haley and the guys pull up only to be confronted by the police for questioning.  I started to feel light headed so I sat down on the couch and saw as the picked my princess up and put her on a strectcher and  rolled her to the ambulance. I jumped up and tried to get in the back of the ambulance when the nurse stopped me. She told me just to follow them to the hospital. I turned around seeing haley and the guys still in the car and jumped in. "GO!!" I yelled as soon as I sat down. Haley followed the ambulance and got to the hospital. They told me I couldn't go see Jenna because she was going to the emergency room. So I sat down in the waiting room and kept running my hands through my hair. Harry came in and sat beside me rubbing my back and telling  me it was going to be okay. "But what if its not going to be okay harry?? I saw how bad she was being hit and kicked and hit by her own father. What is she goes into a coma Harry" I started to cry and I knew I was as I felt the hot tears run down my cheeks. The more I tried to wipe them away the more the came falling. I looked up to see a nurse standing there. "Niall may I speak with you in private please?" I stood up on my wobbly legs and walked over to where she was standing ""well I have some bad news.." she said as I stoo there with now even more tears running down my tear stained cheeks...

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