Maybe your not who I really thought you were

what happens when everything seems perfect and all in place but then you realize everything is wrong and falling apart? what happens when the people you love turn on you? what do you do when your world crumbles?


24. inside the coma

*Jenna's POV*

I was standing somewhere familiar. A place I had seen many times before but I just couldn't place a name to it all I knew was that it made me feel uncomfortable and like I wasn't safe where I was. I turned around and saw a girl laying on a bed. I couldn't see her though because here hands were covering her face and she was crying. Awh that's so sad I wonder why she was crying. I went over to the girl and tried asking her "Whats wrong" but she didn't answer me. I tried asking her again but she still didn't answer me. It was like she couldn't hear me. I tried to tap the girl on the shoulder but my hand went right through her. Well that was really weird. The girl moved her hands from her eyes, her makeup running all down her face. She looked only about 13 or 14. I wonder what was wrong with her she was so young I wonder what could have hurt her so bad. All the sudden I heard angry sounding stomping coming towards the closed door. "JENNA I KNOW YOUR IN THERE AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DESERVEE NOW OPEN THIS GOD DAMN DOOR BEFORE I BUST IT DOWN MYSELF". The angry man on the other side yelled. Wait a minute. That's me. How am I back to this time and how am I seeing myself. This is crazy and so not possible. How is this even happening. I remembered this day like it was just yesterday and I knew the horrible events about to occur. All the sudden the door flew open and in came my dad with such a mad face. The young me as I remembered tried begging him not to do the usual and beat me. Just begging so much and trying to tell him that whatever I did I swore I didn't mean it. But as I will always remember it doesn't work one bit and my dad doesn't care. He slapped me. I could almost feel the pain the younger me did and the sickening sound that was made as his heavy hand made contact with my cheek made me sick to my stomach. I still didn't understand how I was here and basically re-living all this but I wish I could find out and I wish I could just go back and be with Niall and he would make everything better just by being there with his presence. After my father was done with the younger me I saw myself laying on the floor and weaping.  I remembered those cold lonely nights when I was too weak to pull myself up and would cry myself to sleep on the floor. It was getting late in this time period and it was about 2am now when I saw my frail body pull myself up and walk over to my small desk in my room. I knew what was coming and I wish I could just stop myself from doing this and make it all okay but I knew I couldn't. I saw  myself reach into the desk drawer and pull out a small piece of metal and place it to my already scarred wrist. I saw myself  place many long and short deep and shallow cuts along my arm. All the sudden everything went black and I couldn't see younger me anymore. I couldn't see my angry father. I couldn't see my old room anymore. All I saw was black. Then the setting changed I was sitting in a room. Actually I was sitting in my living room. I sat down beside myself knowing that the me that was really there wouldn't be able to hear or feel me. I heard a tone that indicated I had a message. I looked over my own shoulder and read the message. It was from Aaron. His name in the phone had a heart next to it. I had no idea why. The date was of today but why would I have a heart next to his name? His message was "Okay ill be there in 5 babe see you soon" What was happening? what happened to Niall? There was a knock at the door and present day me went to answer it. I heard the familiar voice of Aaron come through the door "Hey babe I missed you!" and then present day me kissed him and  they came and sat down on the couch. I started crying because I didn't know where Niall was and I love Niall with all my heart and I never wanted to be with Aaron. Everything went black again and then I heard beeping in the background and felt a warm feeling on one of my hands like someone was holding it.


*Nialls POV*

I woke up still holding my princesses hand. I looked up and saw tears rolling down her rosy cheeks. I wanted to wipe them away but I was too scared. All the sudden her eyes fluttered open. I ran out into the hallway and yelled "SHES AWAKE!! MY PRINCESS SHES AWAKE!!!"  a nurse came calmly walking down the hall and asked me not to yell because there was still other patients in the hospital that hadn't woken up. We both walked back into Jenna's room and she looked up. I went over to her and reached over and hugged her and kissed her soft lips. Instead of the reaction I had hoped she burst into tears. "Baby whats wrong" I asked her. "We aren't together anymore I saw it all and I miss you so much Niall please just take me back I love you so much " I leaned over and  just wrapped my arms around her small frame and just held her there for a little while. I looked her in the face and wiped the tears off her beautiful face "baby we never broke up you can tell me about it later if you want to I love you so much too princess. Your my one and only and I don't know what I would do without you I love you so much baby" and once again I leaned over and kissed her soft lips but this time she kissed back and pulled me down so that I was laying beside her on the hospital bed this is where I had wanted to be since she was out in the hospital just right beside her. Just me and her together ignoring the rest of the world. I leaned up and kissed her forehead as we both fell into a peaceful sleep.

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