Forever and always

Rena is a normal 18 year old girl. Her dad is a drug addict and he locks her up in her room and only let's her out to cook his food, go to the bathroom, and go to school. What will happen whe she meets Harry Styles? Will they fall in love? Or will they find other people to be with?


1. My life as it is.

Rena's P.O.V

"RENA!!!!! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!" My father yelled. I ran to see him at the kitchen table. "FIX DINNER NOW!!" I quickly made some chicken and stole an apple before running to my room. My dad yelled to me, "Clean up when I'm done!" I knew he was going to the club, so I could get some sleep. After I cleaned up the dishes, my dad left. I ran to my room and fell to sleep after eating the apple. I had a dream that tomorrow was going to be horrible. 


Hey!!!! This is my first movella and I might not be able to update a lot, please like I'm trying my hardest! 

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