Infinity & Beyond {Niall Fanfic}

"Niall, please! Just leave me alone! You've hurt me way too much! I've said it once, and I'll say it again! It. Is. Over. We're through!" I spoke in between sobs as it started to pour down raining, hitting my head within seconds. "It's over?" He spoke to me. "Oh babe, if you think it's over then you're so wrong. It's not over." He paused. "It will never be over." He grabbed my neck and pulled me close to him so no space was left between us. His lips so close to me, I could basically taste the minty mouthwash. I couldn't take him teasing me anymore, he knew I hated that. So I pulled his head closer to mine as I kissed him ever so passionately. I always wanted to kiss in the rain. I pulled away. "Do you still want to break up with me?" He smiled. "Shutup Niall." With that we walked away.


1. Meet Mr. Horan

Ella's POV:

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing. It was very annoying so I clicked it off. I had a very funny feeling about today considering I'm basically bullied everyday. But today I thought something bad was going to happen, and I was terrified. I laid in bed for a while until my phone buzzed. It was Lily. It read: Hey get up girly! Time for school! B there in 10! kisses xoxo. -Lil. With that I got up, showered, and  flat ironed my red hair to keep it straight. I put on my makeup, then I through on my united states designed shirt, blue ripped skinny jeans, and my black and white vans. I put on my mustache ring, and necklace, and my black rose earrings. I through on my backpack, grabbed my IPhone  and went out the door to wait for Lily. She came in less than 2 minutes. Her brown hair flowed in the wind, and her light brown eyes sparkled with the sun, while my bluish green eyes sparkled as well. "Hey girl! Whats up?!" Oh did I mention she's perky. "Uh I'm..good how are you?" I replied. "OMG I'm amaaazinnng! Guess what!?" "Uh..what?" I asked. "Drew..asked me out yesterday!!!" "Yaaay!" I tried to sound excited. "Well, you sound enthusiastic about that ha, are you ok?" She asked me. "Well, I don't know I just have a funny feeling about today.." I told her. "Well, I'm pretty sure it's just nothing!" She told me making me feel a little better. "Ok.." With that we drove in silence the rest of the way to school. As we pulled up to school my stomach tightened as I saw a figure approach from a black Lamborghini. He had blonde hair, he wore ray bans. He had a white t-shirt, and blue jeans. He had on black and white supras. He looked like a bad boy. "Oooohhh, hey Ell do ya' see that blonde kid??" Lily asked. "Uh yeah.." "He's pretty cute dont'cha think?" Lily aske dme. "Yeah, but I wouldn't get involved with him..he looks like a bad guy, and I just..I'm not getting a good vibe ya' know?" I told her. "Uh no girly! I DON'T know! He's hot, and you to would look good together!" Lily told me. "Naaah. But um..thanks anyway?" "Mhm..anyway I guess I'll see you later Ella, and while I'm gone, please, get yourself together k?" Lily asked me. "I guess..well uh bye." I said. With that she walked away. I walked into school to my locker, and got my books for biology, and art. My first class was biology, and like I always do I sat in the back. As the bell rang the other students scurried into class. That's when I saw him. "Ok! So today class, we have a new student. His name is Niall Horan! Niall please take a seat. Anywhere you like." Mrs. Smith said. As I looked back up to get a good look at this "Niall" guy, I guess he caught me staring at him, because he gave me an evil kind of smirk. It scared me so I looked back down only to look back up to see where Niall was going to sit. He sat in the way back of the class behind me. Great. "Ok! So now that things are situated lets talk about what we will be doing today! We'll be taking notes! Hooray!" Mrs. Smith said. The whole class groaned. "SH! Ok take out your paper, and pens or pencils and lets get to it!" As Mrs. Smith turned on the projector everyone started to take notes. That's when someone tapped me. "Hey. Got a pencil?" Niall asked me. That's when I heard his thick Irish accent. "" "Thanks love." Niall said with his sexy smirk. Wait what was I even saying. Snap out of it Ella! He's a bad guy. When the bell for class rang everyone gathered their books and left. I did the same but I was the only one in class. So I thought. "Hey. Here's your pencil back. Oh and by the way, I didn't catch your name." Niall said. "Thanks, and it's Ella." "Ella. Hm. Beautiful name, for a sexy girl like you." With that he walked away. I was left with my mouth wide open, and puzzled expression. So I just gathered my things and left the classroom. Art sped by fast, as did calculus. I went to my locker, and grabbed the rest of my things, and went to lunch. For lunch I had the usual. A hamburger, an apple, and a water. I went to my lunch table and sat alone like a always do. I ate in silence until Lily came and brightened up the mood. "Hey girly! SO I heard something about you today!!" She told me. "Um what did you here??" "That you talked to new kid, Niall." Wow word gets around fast. "Well,, yeah but technically he talked to me first.." I told her. "Yeah. What'd he say?" "He asked me for a pencil, then at the end of class he asked me wheat my name was.." I left out the part about him calling me sexy, because Lily would FREAK. "Mhhm..well I heard he called you sexy. Is that true?" Lily asked. "Well..yeah." "Girl! Why didn't you tell me! Omg this is a big deal chick!!!" She told me. "It's not that big Lil come down geesh!" She stared at me with wide eyes, and a look that said 'for real?" We sat like this for a while until she got up and left me alone. I stood up and walked toward her. "Lil, wait I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that! I promise please come back!!" I shouted. "Hey shutup, and sit down lardo!!" Someone called. I turned around and realized all eyes were on me. That's when people started to call me names like lardo, dog face, fat ass, bitch, and other things. I had had enough. I ran out of the cafeteria, into the bathroom. I went into a stall, locked the door, and cried. I cried so hard until someone knocked on the door. "He-hello?" I called with sobs in between. "Uh yeah. What the fuck are you crying about man!? Toughen up." I had no idea who this was but I stopped crying, and unlocked the door. And I faced him. Niall. "Oh. hey Ella. Question. What are you doing in here? And why were you crying?" He asked me. "Well 1, what are YOU doing in here? And 2 it's none of your dam business." I replied. "Well this is the guys bathroom, and you're the one that was crying." Then I realized he was right. I was in the boys bathroom. "Shit." I murmured. Then i ran as fast as I could out of that bathroom. "Wait!" Niall called. I just kept running and didn't stop. I ran out the doors of the school, and didn't stop until I got home. I unlocked the door, and threw my stuff down. I went in my backpack to find my make-up bag only to find it wasn't there. Crap, crap, crap! So I just ran upstairs to my room, and turned on the TV. I am so glad my mums not home yet. I flipped through channels, and I found "Friends." I started to doze off into a nap. 3 hours later I heard a knock on my door. At first I thought I was dreaming. Then I heard multiple knocks. I ran downstairs and opened the door. Niall. How did he even find out where I freaking live! Then I saw my make-up back in his hand. "Here. You dropped this on your way out." Niall said. "Thanks I do you know where I even live?!" I asked shouting a bit. "Welcome. And don't worry about it you don't need to know." Niall said. "Yeah. I kinda do. The fact that I don't know anything about you, and you fucking know where I live is kind of weird. So let me. How DO you know?" "If you won't tell me why you were crying, then I won't tell you how I know." He said with a smirk. I could tell his blue eyes were sparkling through his sunglasses, I just knew. "Whatever. Thanks for my bag, now you can go." I said with attitude. "Now, now, now Ella. No need getting feisty, although you look sexy doing it. you know you're hot?" Niall asked me. "Uh.." Niall took me by surprise when he grabbed my waist, and pulled me close to him, so both of our fronts were touching each other. "Im taking you out tonight. Wear something, sexy like yourself. I'll pick you up by 7. Be ready." He whispered forwardly. "Uh-um ok." I said. With that he walked off toward his car. When he got to his car he turned and smirked evil-ish at me like in school. I quickly shut the door. What am I going to do. Was he serious? Why'd he touched me like that. I guess I'm gonna have to go on this "date" or whatever he wants to call it. All I know is that I'm terrified.





Thanks for reading! This is my first chapter and if you could give me some comments and likes, and some reviews i'll continue! Thanks! -M.H


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