Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



32. Truth or dare?

Once we get into the room we sit on the couch and turn the T.V. on.

"Ugh there's nothing on." I groan.

"Life sucks. Doesn't it?" He replies.

"Aha yes." I say softly.

''What are we even going to do on this Island for like two weeks?" He replies.

"I seriously don't fucking know, I mean if we're bored right now what are we going to do in two weeks time?" I say.

"I've got an idea lets play truth or dare?" He jumps.

"Actually yeah thats a good idea, You go first." I reply.

"Okay Truth or dare?" He asks.

"I'll go with truth for now." I laugh.

"Okay Umm Is Kasia even your real name?" He questions.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure it is, but my name is so known I sometimes feel like changing it. One time I was seriously considering it,but I remember how my mom named me Kasia and she's not here anymore. It's like basically the only thing I have left of her. I know this is pretty cheesy and dumb but its's the truth and thats what you wanted." I sigh.

"No it's not cheesy at all, it's really cool and sweet" he smiles.

"Okay my turn, truth or dare?" I say.

"Dare definitely." he says.

"Okay umm I dare you to walk into Harry's villa!" I yell.

"OH no OH fuck no." He says.

"Oh yes oh fuck yes! Let's go, OH  MY GOD THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD." I cackle. 

"Fine fuck." Niall and I walk out of the door and start walking towards Harry's building.

"Okay you open the door and walk in" I command. He grabs the knob and tries opening it.

"It's locked."

"Fuck. Just wait." I grab a bobby pin from my hair. I try to unlock the door and I am successful. "It's open go." I smirk.

"Fuck you" He says while walking in. I close my eyes ready to hear a scream.

"WHAT THE FUCK MAN?" I hear Harry say.

"Oh I just came to see if you were okay." Niall says.

"WAIT HOW THE FUCK DID YOU EVEN GET IN THE DOOR WAS LOCKED." Harry yells. I look through the window, but I don't see anything. 

"No, well the door was unlocked." Nial faintly replies. 

"Well get the fuck out!" Harry yells. Niall walks out of the door and looks at me.

"Well what were they doing?" I ask curiously.

"What do you think they were doing?" Niall says.

"Fucking. Obviously." I say.

"You are fucking right." He says.

"I swear Harry is such a man-whore." I laugh but I feel a sting in my heart. No I do not have feelings for Harry. I mentally say to myself.

"El oh el" Niall says exaggerating the "el" part.

"Let's go by the beach we can finish there." Once we reach the beach I take my shoes off and sit on the Hammock and Niall sits infront of me. "Your turn to ask me."  I say to him.

"Okay Truth or dare?" He says casually.

"Dare this time." I smile.

"I dare you to take all your clothes off and go into the water for at least 5 minutes." Niall says.


"You can keep your underwear on and you don't have to go that far just stay in the shallow end."

"Fine." I sigh. Holy fuck. This is weird. I take my shorts and my shirt off. I walk towards the water praying that my foundation won't come off and reveal my scars. I face my back to Niall and remove my bra. I put my hands over my breasts and walk into the water. "HOLY SHIT THIS IS WARM WHAT THE FUCK." I yell. "NIAAALL"

"What?!" Niall yells back. 

"HELP ME I'M DROWNING THERE IS A BIG DROP HERE AND I CANNOT FUCKING SWIM!" I lie.  A look of worry appears on his face. He takes off his shirt and runs towards me. Once he gets to me he pulls my body close to him. Then I start to laugh. "I was lying" I laugh.

"What YOU LIAR!" He laughs back. I wrap my legs around his waist and take his snapback off and I put it on my head. Niall puts his hands over my ass and cups it. He starts to kiss me. He starts to suck on my  neck. I moan. He removes his mouth and puts it on mouth on my breast he sucks it and leaves a hickey. We move over to the dock he lifts me up bridal style and gets up on the dock. He walks towards the private yacht that belongs to the island. He walks up the ramp and opens the door of the yacht. He places me on the nearest bed he can find and grabs a condom from the cupboard. He puts it on and  walks towards me he removes my thong. He places himself infront of my legs. 

"Spread your legs." He commands. I do as he says he places fingers inside of me. I start to moan. 

Niall's POV

I hear her moan then she starts to say my name. Her nails dig into my back. I decide to stop. I lay myself atop of her and start to push into her. I start to move my hips and grind into her. After a while of that I hear her say that its her turn. I hope that she blows me again. She puts her body on top of mine and I enter her with my penis. She starts swaying from side to side. I place my hands into her wet hair. She starts to massage my dick. I moan. She is fucking amazing. I get a fucking errection and I feel embarassed. She laughs. 

"My turn again" I say. I get on my knees and spread her legs open with my hands I put my head in between her legs and start to lick her.  After a while we finish. We cuddle and kiss a little bit and she places her head on my chest and closes her eyes. I watch he fall asleep. I kiss her on the forehead and I close my eyes. 



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