Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



34. The Next day

Kasia's POV

I open my eyes and I'm laying on Niall's chest. I look up at him.He's still asleep. I untangle my slef from his body and I get up. I'm stark naked. I explore the yacht  until I find some sheets. I wrap the sheets around myself since my clothes are still probably on the beach. I look over at the clock to check the time. Fuck, It's 11:24. I walk over to the bed where Niall is asleep. "Wake up sleepy head." I say sweetly. He doesn't move. I get up on to the bed and sit on his stomach.I spread my legs and start to kiss him.

"Holy shit." I hear him moan.

"About time you wake up." I say. "It's fucking 11:30 and I don't even know where my clothes are and I swear If Harry see's us he will freak. So like you go outside with your shorts on and gra my clothes from my room and bring them back. Then i'll change and we can go eat breakfast."

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