Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



35. the Next day part 2

"Yeah that sounds good to me."Niall smiles. He gets out of the bed and I try not to look at him. He grabs his shorts off the floor and slips them on. "I have one question. What clothes do I umm grab?'

"Grab anything oh and bring my bathing suit and makeup kit." I say.

"Okay I'll be right back." He looks at me at leaves.

Niall's POV

Holy fuck last night was amazing I thought to myself. I start to walk towards her villa and I walk into Harry sitting on the couch. 

"Why the fuck are you here and where is she?" He rudely asks.

"Calm the fuck down Harry, last night Kasia and I were playing truth or dare in the yacht since you were fucking Natalie. And  she fell asleep there. I did too but like in a seperate bed and she sent me to grab her clothes." I lie.

"Oh" He smugly says. I walk up the stairs and grab her clothes.

Kasia's POV

I lye down on the bed and start to think about how amazing last night was. "Kasia" Says a familiar voice. Fuck its Harry. I quickly try to cover my self up with the sheets and grab the condom wrapper off of the floor. 

"HOLy shit" Harry says quickly and turns around.

"What the fuck Harry. What do you want?" I yell.

"Well Niall said you fell asleep here last night so I wanted to come see you, but why are you naked?" He questions.

"Well since Niall was gonna bring my clothes I took mine off so yea." 

"Well wouldn't he see you naked?" 

"No because I would wrap sheets around me and grab my clothes and tell him to wait in the other room. Anyways how was your night with Natalie." I spit out.

"What are you talking about?" He asks.

"Last night I dared Niall to go see you and you were fucking her."


"Oh yeah you are such a fucking manwhore Harry. You almost fucked me on the plane then you fuck another chick 5 hours later. What is wrong with you?" I hear the door shut. I run to the door and open it. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU HARRY STYLES I FUCKING HATE YOU. YOU JUST CAN'T LEAVE ME. YOU GOT ME INTO THIS FUCKING MESS. FUCK YOU." I yell then something I would never suspect happens. Harry runs towards me. He grabs my face and kisses me hard. I pull back, I can;t do this I'm with Niall. I think. "Harry no please just go" A look of sadness overcomes his face as he turns his back to me and walks away. 10 minutes later Niall arrives fully dressed.

"Hey I brought you your clothes and stuff. Oh I also grabbed your toothbrush and shit." He smiles.

"Thanks Niall." I grab my clothes from him I walk to the kitchen sink and let go of my sheet. I watch it fall to my feet and at the corner of my eye I see Niall with a look of pleasure on his face.  I put on my bathing suit. I look at what Niall has grabbed me. It's a long skirt with a plain white top. I put it on. I walk into the bathroom and ligt up my skirt so I can apply some waterproof foundation on my thighs. I quickly curl my lashes and put some eyeliner on. I'm finished. 

"Okay I'm ready let's go eat." I quickly kiss him and we walk out hand in hand making sure Harry does not see us.


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