Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



15. Starbucks

Kasia's POV

9 hours later 

I slowly opened my tired eyes, I moved over to a side so I could grab my phone. It was almost 3'oclock. I got up from my bed and walked over to my suitcase so I could grab some clothes. I got into the bathroom. Ugh, I decided not to take a shower, I wanted to go swimming today. I brushed my teeth then went to go take a piss. I took my pants on that revealed my cuts, I grabbed my makeup bag and started to apply waterproof foundation to my cuts. Wow I am such an idiot, I should have worn this at the club. I put on some jean short- shorts, then I took off my bra and  put on a pink bandeau. Then I put on a white see through sweater. My hair looked fine, I took out my curler and made a few touch ups. Then I did a waterfall braid style. I then started to put on some makeup. After I was doen the basics, foundation, blush, powder I moved on to my eyes. My favorite thing about putting on makeup was the eyes. I first put on some pink eyeshadow, then I did some eyeliner. I curled my lashes and put on my favortite mascara. Its as easy as that. Then to finish everything off I put on some hot pink lipstick to match my bandeau. I opened the bathroom door and put all my stuff away. I walked out of the room

I saw that Niall was watching TV. "Hi Niall, wheres Harry?" I ask.

"Harry is....umm" He was staring at me, and checking me out. Awkward...... "OH OOPS, sorry my brain just froze a little he's still asleep." He said. His face had gone red Haha. 

"Thats Okay, umm well I was going to head to starbucks quickly to grab something to drink, want anything?" I asked.

"Yeah sure. Can I tag along? I am so bored here, and I would love an outing." he replied.

"OF COURSE!" I laughed. "Come on let go!" I looked at Harry's key holder. "Should we take the Audi or Range Rover?" I asked Niall.

"Take the Audi! I'll drive!" He walked over and grabbed the keys. I grabbed my sunglasses and left to go out the door. 

Niall and I got into the Audi. The drive to Starbucks was not very long, Niall and I just had a laugh. He was to cute. When we got there, Niall stopped to take pictures with a few fans and then we headed inside. 

"Hi, How may I take your order?" Said the man.

"Could I please order a Vanilla Frappuccino, a Mango Passion Fruit Frappuccino and He'll order the rest." I said while pointing at Niall.

"Could I just get a Raspberry passion tea lemonade please." he said.

"Alright could I get you name?"

"Yeah, It is Niall." After we were done Niall payed, because he wouldn't let me.

"Niall" Our drinks were ready. I grabbed the drinks, I looked back and I saw Dante. Shit.


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