Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



7. rollercoaster

Kasias POV.

"Kasia what is wrong, somethings up! please can we just talk about it?" he said softly.

"Fine." I think it was about time I told him. I opened the door. He came rushing towards me and gave me a hug.

"Kasia what is going on you are my best friend, and I will not be mad." he said. I knew if i told him it would change our relationship forever and I wasn''t quite ready for that.

"Nothing!" I replied. I had to come up with an excuse on why I was crying.

"Tell me right now." I looked at him his eyes were dark he was serious.

"Okay, fine if you really want to know... I am on my period and my cramps are so bad that im in tears!" I said I hoped that he didn't notice that I was lying.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You worried the fucking shit out of me. I felt like you were going to try to commit. I was just about to knock down the door.

"Haha I love you Styles! now gimmie some shuga." I hugged him. Then the weirdest thing happened I felt a spark not a actual spark but like one of those love sparks. I started to laugh it was nothing. I was so not in love with that idiot haha.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt you guys, but Louis texted me and asked if you guys wanted to come clubbing with us" Niall said. He looked sad or dissapointed. I hope he didn't think that me and Harry were an "item."

"Ya' know what? I would love too! I am feeling so much fucking better already!" I said.

"Wow, Kasia it really is true! Girl's have weird fucking mood swings when they are on their cycle." Harry laughed.

"Shut up Harry, What time is it?" I asked looking around for a clock.

"Well it's a quarter to 11... what do you guys do since we are going clubbing around 9 o'clock?" Niall said in his beautiful voice.

"Hmmmnnm. Well I do not know, I was thinking somewhere public like an amusement park or something?" I said.

"YEAH LETS GO TO HORPE PARK ITS NOT VERY FAR!" Harry said jumping up and down.

"Well to Horpe Park we go?!" Niall asked.

"I guess so, I am ready to go! I do not know about you guys, but i will be in the living room waiting." I stated whilst walking to the living room. About 10 minutes later we were leaving we sat in Harry's Audi and left.

About a half hour later we were inside getting ready to go on the rollercoaster. To be honest I had never been on a rollercoaster and I was quite terrified. I was in the middle of Niall and Harry for extra protection. We started to go higher and higher, I was holding back tears because I was so scared. 

"Are you okay Kasia?" Niall said in a worried tone.

"Yeah I think so!" I yelled. As I said that we were about to go down. Then we went down I immediatly started to sob and cry. "I WANT TO GET OFF! GET ME OFF OF HERE PLEASE! HELP." I screamed. I am such a retard. Niall then wrapped his arms around me and started to soothe me. 

"Its okay Kasia I am here please don't cry shh." he whispered in my ear. And started to shake my back and forth as if I was a baby. When we finally go off the roller coaster we went on a few other rides but most of the time harry was making fun of me. About 5 hours later we went home and had a nap.

When it was 8 i started to get ready I was looking for something nice to wear but not something that made me look like a whore. I eventually decided on a black lace dress. I put it on with pink high heels and I put on  a black bra because the lace was see through. I left my hair as it was because I was too lazy to change it. I put on some more makeup and I was ready to go. 





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