Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



20. Rayna Stehle

"Whatever Kasia, when we get to the house quickly pack your clothes and whatever else. Okay? Same goes to you Niall, be quick." Harry said. I nodded.  We were about 5 minutes away from Harry's house.

Once we got there we quickly went inside, I went to the room and packed all my stuff up. I walked over to my purse which was laying on the couch and opened it to get my passport. I looked through all the choices I had, Since I couldn't use my real passport I had to use a fake one. I had multiple different kinds, with different information. I went with Rayna Stehle..... I grabbed all my stuff and walked out of the room. 

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch, I was later joined by Harry. 

"So Kasia, got your passport?" Harry winked.

"Oh my god Harry you suck, and yeah I have it, my new name is Rayna Stehle"

"Okay then Rayna," As Harry finished that sentance Niall walked by emtpy handed.

"Aren't you gonna pack Niall?" I asked.

"No, my clothes at are my house and all I have is my passport and money so can we go pick my clothes up?" 

"Okay then we have to leave now." Harry said while getting off the couch, I got up and reached for my suitcase.

"Thats Okay Kasia, I'll take it you should go sit." Niall said.

"Awh thanks for being such a babe!"  I said a little to enthusiastically. We walked out of the door and into Harrys's Range Rover. It was time to go.



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