Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



22. otherwise

After about two hours of sleeping, I woke up. 6 more fucking hours to go. I looked around myself and saw that Niall was on his phone and Harry was asleep. I got up from my spot to go sit with Niall. 

"Hello Niall, what are you upta?" I asked. While taking a seat next to him.

"Nothing much, I was just on twitter."

"Sounds fun? Look Niall I just really want to you to know that i am not going to fucking kill you. And I hope you do not turn me in to the police. Otherwise, I would have to kill you. Got it?" I asked,

"Yeah, trust me I swear I won't turn you in!" 

Niall's POV

I stared at her as she stuffed her hand into her pocket to get out her phone. 

"Why are you staring at me?"

"I wasn't I was having one of those moment when your looking straight but have a deep thought" I sucked.

"Oh okay? I'm hungry"



sorry for the super short chapter its just that i am super tired I just took down 300 posters, did my homework and stupid shit like that ily so much and im super sorry


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