Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



28. Natalie

A few hours later we reach the island. It is breath-taking. 

"I cannot believe that we get the island all to our selves. This is fucking perfect" I say to Niall. 

"Yeah, Isn't it?" Niall replies as he takes a look around.

"Hello my name is Madrid, I am your main concierge. I will like to give you a tour and introduce you t all the staff." He says timidly. We all nod as he starts to lead the way.

After a while he finishes up the tour and we are introduced to our own "buildings."

"Okay so we should all unpack and meet in the dining area to eat' I say.

"Sounds good, but I am going to head straight to sleep after. You two can go hang or whatever, but leave me out of it." Harry chuckles.

"Okay then." I turn around and head to my room. I walk in and put my clothes in a wardrobe. I take out a sweater and yoga- pant shorts. I walk out of the building and to the dining area. 

When I reach there I see Harry and decide to sit next to him.

"Hi, where's Niall?" I ask.

"Oh he just went to the bathroom right now. Now how are you Ms.Morgan" Harry smirks.

"I am fine you ass, so do they make us food or do we order?" I ask looking around for an employee.

"Um I think we order." Harry says.As a lady comes walking in.

"Oh hi I am so sorry no one was here to service you! Well I guess I should explain the process, we have a menu and you order, just like the restaurant." she says swiftly.

"Oh and where are the menus?" Asks Harry politely.

"I am sorry I shall bring them right now!" She says cheerfully. I smile as she walks away.

I look down at the tale and see that Harry is staring at me.

"You look so fucking hot" Harry smirks. "I wish I could fuck you really hard right now."

I turn and look at Harry "UM what?! Harry what is up with you today?" I say.

"Aren't you the one who fucking jumped on me on the bed?" says Harry.

"Actually that is completly fucking false you fucking kissed me in the bathroom and I was just giving you what you wanted." I fight back trying hard to make the smile on my face disappear. 

"Are you sure I think-" Harry stops.

"Hi guys I'm Natalie I'll be your waitress today." I turn around to look at her, she is drop-dead gorgeous. At that same moment in comes Niall. 

"Hi gu-" Niall stops and looks at the waitress, Natalie as his jaw drops. Fuck my Life.


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